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Thread: Ideas for new ingredients, recipes and machines

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    Ideas for new ingredients, recipes and machines

    • Peanut butter in the sauce maker
    • caramel peanut popcorn in popcorn maker (corn, caramel, peanut butter)
    • chocolate peanut brownie in cake maker
    • peanut butter toast in sandwich shop
    • peanut butter and jelly/jam sandwich in sandwich shop

    BBQ sauce in sauce maker
    mustard seeds
    • Mustard hot dog in hotdog maker
    • Mustard coloured clothing in loom

    Fairy floss in candy machine
    Eucalyptus trees
    • Eucalyptus candle in candle maker

    Berry tea in tea maker
    Lavender candle
    Ice maker/slushy machine/Snocones
    Caramel sauce in sauce maker
    Roses for flower shop
    Chai tea
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    YES to it all. Bring on the peanuts especially.
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    A big yes for the peanuts! They have been a popular suggestion before, along with squirrels to collect them!
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