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Thread: Tiny Change to Appearance of Animal Collection Items

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    Tiny Change to Appearance of Animal Collection Items

    This is by no means a drastic or even important suggestion; it’s just something that I believe would make collecting animal products a bit easier.
    When you are milking, shearing, or collecting bacon or eggs from your animals, the item you use to do it (a bucket, shears, basket or bacon-collecting device) will “gray out” when there is no more of an animal product to be collected, just like animal feed does when there are no more animals to be fed. With the basket for eggs and the bucket for milk, it is easy to tell (for me, at least) when the item has grayed out; the basket is a brown color, which is quite different than the gray that it becomes, and the bucket has a brown handle, so even though most of the bucket is gray, you can look at its handle and tell that it is grayed out. However, the shears used for sheep and the bacon-collecting device used for pigs (whatever it’s called) are entirely gray, so it’s difficult if not impossible to tell when these items have become gray. Of course you can always tap on the item and look for the text that will appear, saying, “There is no more ____ to be collected!” but I find it a bit annoying that I must do that for pigs and sheep but not cows, chickens and goats, unless I keep track of how much of a product I’ve already collected. I know this is such a small complaint, but it does bother me a little, and I would imagine there must be some other players who feel the same way.
    I suggest that the bacon-collecting device and shears have some kind of color added into their appearance. Maybe the bacon-collecting device could have some kind of symbol etched into it or its smoke spout could be a different color, and perhaps the handles/grips of the shears could be a different color than the blades.
    I know if this change was implemented that there would be players unhappy with it, but it’s a small change that I think would be easy to get used to. This would improve my Hay Day experience by just that much, and I think enough other players would find the change useful to justify it being added to the game.
    Thanks for listening! Or reading, rather. 😄

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    Similar to the brown handle of the milk bucket, both the shears and the bacon collecting device have a brown arrow that turns grey when there is nothing left to collect.
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