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I always wonder how SC does loot/bases. I have 2 TH12s...both were down low (working on the 5k defenses for my max and simply staying low for my other). Now I am moving up to Legends and I've found that my max Th12 always finds tons of loot (600,600,5)...but my new Th12 finds terrible (300,300,2). These are going through the same levels. The only odd thing is if my newish TH12 has no herors...then it's good.

I have noticed that Champs overall is much worse than Gold/Crystal. I'm sure its because of how many people are in that level right now.
And is there still loot at crystal now after the update because I cant find any dead bases just strong active one with 200.200.2 as a good find and think I am wasting my tune and should just go higher as I have strong enough troops