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Thread: Serious Farming 2 Looking for fun daily players

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    You know you want to join us🤣 We are pretty dang fun!

    Serious Farming 2 is looking for a few active daily players. We are
    from many time zones, help each other and trade within our NH. Players have been in our NH from three weeks to over five years. Strong network. Over 100 gold wins. 320/400 tasks only. Tenth task optional, but preferred if it gives us the win. (We understand how precious diamonds are) If not playing we ask that you opt out.
    If you have a NH friend you’d like to bring along, the more the merrier. No traveling salesman please! 😀
    Check us out:
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    Also...... some NH members have been with out group for over five years! Friendship and fun!!

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    You know you want to join 😀

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