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Thread: Mystery Derby Tasks Should NOT be timed

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    Mystery Derby Tasks Should NOT be timed

    My neighbor got an egg task just before bed. It’s 9:30 PM, and I just got an egg task that expires in 8 hours.

    This is ridiculous.
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    All part of the gamble of the mystery derby, I did that too but you have to be prepared for a late one if you press that button!

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    I tell my neighbors NEVER take a mystery task before bed or work.
    I disagree with not having them timed. I would hate a game where the odds were ALWAYS in my favor. There has to be a bit of a risk or it isn't worth playing.
    I hate truck tasks, but I keep my board stacked just in case. I drew a truck task on my main farm and my baby farm. UGH but I did them without asking Supercell to do away with them.
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    Since you know that some tasks are timed, do not pull a task if you know you are not going to be able to play soon.

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    I have no access to internet at work and I get home too late and leave to early to take mystery tasks. It is all part of the mystery derby and using strategy. I start on Wednesday evening.

    it is the same at the end of derby when considering the extra task to place. You need to plan to be able to finish anything.
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