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Thread: Not nearly enough gas for trucks in the Valley for farmers to bother with the Valley

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    Not nearly enough gas for trucks in the Valley for farmers to bother with the Valley

    Many friends both in my neighborhood and outside my neighborhood are deciding not to even bother with The Valley. You’re not given much gas by the fuel spin. Completing tasks to get more spins requires too much effort and takes away time for the derby. 20 points is usually doable but it still doesn’t give you much fuel. 50 or 100 points takes away too much attention to derby tasks.

    The lack of sufficient fuel prevents many farmers from having a fun experience in the game. When they ignore the Valley it means I have to wait 2 hours when my truck breaks or spend diamonds to speed up its repair because I rarely see other trucks in the Valley that could come by to fix me. The few trucks I’ve seen from my neighborhood were driven by farmers who couldn’t get to me because of a lack of fuel.
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    Since I generally finish my derby tasks mid week, I have plenty of time to get lots of fuel for the Valley. I find it a good fill in until the next derby starts

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    I agree it should be easier than it is to get fuel. Every spin it increases the sun but we have low points to earn for fuel. Other games like this is based on time to replenish fuel. I don’t think this is a good addition to hay day. I am in the valley so I can get scrolls. After all land is expanded no reason to play in the valley.

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    I never go beyond the 100 suns fuel spin. Often I don't even go past the 50 suns. I have never run out of fuel before finishing my daily task. Sure sometimes I can't reach a chicken or group task that I see lost in the clouds but that rarely happens.
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    We need more ways to get fuel. 550 sun points are too difficult to get some days I can only get 12 to 18 miles of fuel. I’d rather buy with coins. I was hoping we would be able to use coins in the town but no joy.

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