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Thread: Valley is destroying the Daily Dirt

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    Valley is destroying the Daily Dirt

    DD - Valley problem2.jpg

    The Valley fuel tasks are constantly causing a mess with the Daily Dirt ads.
    Even though players have different fuel tasks, the general crop task appear to be the same for those that have a crop fuel task. At this time it is obviously Sugar cane as shown in the attachment.

    For an issue, I counted only 5 ads out of the 63 that were not sugar cane. Daily Deal ad not included.

    Friday the DD was run over by carrot ads, Sunday it was run over by soy beans.
    Aside from some derby crop tasks compounding issue, the cause is primarily from the Valley.
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    This is a continuing problem. At this time the DD is under carrot attack. That is because many valley players have to plant carrots for fuel suns. The sort of renders the DD useless when looking for a variety of other items in need.

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    Yep, and tomorrow it'll be chilis again. And so on.

    I've noticed the glut clears out quite quickly though. I'm adjusting my playing style somewhat and now use the DD to stock up on certain crops when they're available, which isn't something I did much before. Of course this only works if your silo has a bit of spare capacity.
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    It’s not a bug. It’s a resource management game, therefore one needs to managed available resources. The DD has been way better, loads more ‘product’ than it’s had for a very long time.

    There will always be something that’s ‘filling the DD’ just open the advert & shop behind the ‘crop door’

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