Quick Massacre Stats:

Current War Record: 312/72/7
Clan War League: Masters 3
Clan Level: 14
Members: 43

For more information please check out our website:

General Information:

Massacre is recruiting active players who love to war. We are an organized war clan and always max clan games. We are only interested in people who are going to be positive additions to our community. Keep your drama at home. We also don't want a bunch of lurkers, people who chat are ideal.

Clan War League:

We are currently in league Crystal 1 and have been for multiple rounds. We don't expect to move up or down any time soon. We work to ensure every main th11+ gets into CWL. We only do 30v30 CWL and have no intention of moving up to the level where we are forced to do 15v15.

Minimum Requirements to Join:
Town Hall 11+
Combined Heroes of 80 for TH11s
Combined Heroes of 100 for TH12s
Non-Rushed Defenses
Non-Rushed Troops/Spells