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Thread: Clash API BUG with Destruction calculation

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    Clash API BUG with Destruction calculation

    The way destruction gets caluclated in the api with clanwarleagues/wars/{warTag} call is incorrect.

    Take this war for example:
    There are 3 components to keep in mind:

    eligible_members (eg. 21): Number of members who are eligible to participate in the clans' CWL (all members in queue)
    total_destruction(eg. 978): The sum of the max destruction done to the opponent clan (if a base is attacked twice, take the max destruction)
    members_in_war (eg. 15) = 15 or 30 (depending on your war size)

    The correct way to calculate the destruction as reported in-game is:
    destruction % = total_destruction/members_in_war (in this case 978/15 = 65.2%)

    The incorrect way (the way the API does it):
    destruction % = total_destruction/eligible_members(in this case 978/21 = 46.5714%)

    Please let me know if you agree with me and if you're seeing similar issues.

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    Yes, i calculate the destruction myself by counting up the best attacks
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    That sounds like a workaround for an issue that should be dealt with by SC. They make over a million bucks a day and canít fix bugs in the API. Sad

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