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Thread: Making The Valley More Fun

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    Making The Valley More Fun

    1. Give each player 50 fuel for free every 24 hours. Players can spin the wheel for more fuel using the same current system of generating suns.

    2. Allow players to buy fuel spins with diamonds. Use the WoF increasing cost scheme.

    3. Change the requests for the buildings. Each day, the first building request 10 items, the second building 20, the third 30, etc., up to an unlimited amount. The tokens given for completing the requests also increases proportionately. The requests reset to zero every 24 hours.

    4. Allow players to fulfill requests with diamonds, in the same way you can buy bems to upgrade your barn and silo.

    5. Allow players to generate a new request from a building with diamonds.

    6. Right now, the prizes are stingy and lame. Put the most sought after things like Land Permits in the prizes in greater quantity and create some truly fun, new prizes.

    This would let players play more in The Valley AND probably generate more money for SC (through the expenditure of diamonds). Plus, the players who want to play for free can do that too. Isn't that a win-win for everyone?

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    Sorry, but I like the idea that players have to work for, rather than buy fuel. Agree that the fuel needs to be a bit easier to get but we need a bit of a challenge.
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    50 free fuel per 24 hour ... i laught, really ... and i didn't read the rest ... It's not worth it ...
    the valley is not free AND not the primary target, it's a "complement" to the farm and the farm keeps the main game ... that's all ...

    It's not worth it
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    I totally disagree with adding Diamonds system , the game has enough of this , put more in app purchaces is not fun , u have diamonds ?! Well we dont have and we dont want to buy ...the valley is not fun i agree but with ur suggestions it will be more frustrating...����

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    I agree that farmers get too little fuel to make it worthwhile to bother with the valley. Iím hesitant about spending diamonds because I know a lot of farmers who donít have many.

    But SuperCell has to pay its employees and still profit the owners/shareholders. Nobody ever mistook the employees for a collection of nuns doing this all out of the goodness of their hearts. They have families to feed and shelter and dress just like most people.

    But again if too many farmers become disenchanted with the game, there are many other games that they could easily play in lieu of HD.

    I have bought diamonds once in a while but Iím affected by farmers not bothering with the Valley because no one is ever around to fix my truck so I end up being unable to play and enjoy my experience there - itís just easier to ignore that feature of the game.
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    Speaking of being able to do things in the valley with diamonds - the other day I was given the option of speeding up a new request from a building using diamonds (I didn't). But usually I don't see this. Does it only kick in when there's not too much time to go? Or is it just a randomly available feature? Anyone know?

    Genereally speaking I like that the valley is an area of the game where you can't go nuts spending too many diamonds. Makes it more equal for all players, even though I agree that the lack of fuel is frustrating.
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