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    Una queja

    Hola eliminaron a todos los miembros de mi clan y fue por algo de supercell me aparecio que mis aldeanos necesitaban un escudo y me saco yo hubiera evitado todo pero me sacaron y me insultaron tengo imágenes tengo 13 y me dijeron de todos los insultos enserio Supercell hagan algo porfa tengo pruebas y evidencia

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    Please post in English, as per the forum rules. Thanks
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    Please Help

    A complaint
    Hello, all the members of my clan were eliminated and it was due to a supercell that my villagers needed a shield and I would have avoided everything, but they took me out and insulted me. I have images. I was 13 years old and they told me all the insults. do something please have evidence and evidence
    I would have avoided being expelled from my clan, but I left because my villagers needed a break and they also insulted me and I am 13 years old.
    In case you do not understand, I'm the leader of the clan and they were all expelled just because Supercell took me out of the game if it had not happened. I want to punish the player who exposed everyone I have proof of the insults I could upload to the forum to show them if you want to demand that they sanction you, not only for me but for all users who had a clan and was destroyed.
    Excuse me, I'm using the translator, I'm Spanish, I hope you understand.
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    Use the report icon on any player in-game to report them to Supercell support, or contact Supercell support in-game and explain the issue. Sorry for what happened, but we are all players and no one here can help you punish anybody. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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