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    Did the Hero's AI get worse?? They seem flat out stupid now.

    Unfortunately no video to show, but was watching some attacked by my clan this week, and they were pointing out the same thing. The hero's just seem stupid now. They bang on walls, then move on to other walls before actually breaking the one they are working on. They were going back and forth from wall to wall, doing nothing. This has been going on since the update, never seen the King and Queen get stuck by walls for so long. THey will spend 10 seconds on one wall, almost break it, then move to another corner to start over with new walls. What is going on???
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    Seem the same to me...

    Unless you are talking about the Battle Machine... That dude has always had a suicidal tendency finding the longest worst path to the quickest death... Not sure if his AI is droppable... Of course it could just be my battle machine

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    Without any video of a clear case there’s not a sensible thing anyone can say.

    There can be tons of explanations for heroes to start breaking a wall and then deciding to change direction.

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