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    Exclamation Supercell id

    I've already registered to SUPERCELL ID and playing in one of my devices.

    But, when I'm trying to login with another device, I requested for code, I got this email, "Someone attempted to log in with this email address, but there is no Supercell ID associated with it. You can create a new Supercell ID with this email address or log in with a different one." But I'm already registered with this email and playing in one of my devices.
    Again, when I'm trying to login using google play sign in it says, "Chief NAME's village has been found with Town Hall level 11. Load it by Logging in with your SUPERCELL ID."

    I presume, If I lost my device currently I'm playing in or reset it, my ID will be long gone.

    What should I do?

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    i know one case where this issue happense → gmail account.
    gmail has the ending "@gmail" and "@googlemail" → both endings works. but with supercell id it doesnt work. you must use the ending you used during registration otherwise you get exact the email you currently got.

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