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Thread: Practice mode improvement...

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    Practice mode improvement...

    The practice mode ( i think is pretty useless) it can be done like... We can create our own base and train our own troops and attack. That would be similar to giving challenge to ourselves. Or it can also be made like the operation blue skies..such that every single base would be different from one another.every single player will be given 8 completely different bases a day or so. The troops can be trained at no cost and no time. This would allow players to improve their skills. What i thought when the update came was it is was like a farming attack. I found it useless and many players would hav thought so. Could make the practice mode more usefull. Thank you

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    I think your "improvement" is open to abuse from the War Community. Create an opponent's base in Practice Mode and repeatedly attack it until a three star is achieved.

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    Thats the reason y i gave another idea that it could be made like opertion blue skies so that u can't create any base rather u can attack the bases that hav been given to you for practice.i dont think the word " improvement " abuses anyone...
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    The practicemode is to get to know uses for new troops you unlock.
    Of course it could get improved, since some things are questionable (timing, spellusage, etc.), but it's not designed as sandbox. Not as OBS-light either.

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