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Thread: Increased Limit for elixer looted and gold Looted

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    Increased Limit for elixer looted and gold Looted

    In the achievements page, our elixer looted and gold looted stats are capped at 2 billion and it doesn't track loot after that. Why is that? Are there any plans to increase that limit?

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    Aw man, I use those stats to track activity... didn't realize that would be a problem, but now that you mention it I've already hit that wall on some players. Lame.

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    Why? Presumably because the number is stored as a 32-bit integer. And a signed 32 bit value only goes up to about +2 147 000 000 before looping around to something negative. Presumably SC decided to stop it at something that looked more like a round number. Yes, they could have used a 64-bit value in the database and app, but when they made the game it stopped at TH8, and only needed maybe 100m to max out, so 2000m probably seemed like a silly large number.

    Will they change it? Very unlikely. The problem is it isn't stored for players that already went over 2 billion - what you see is the number in the database. They could change to 64-bit and let it start counting up again from now; but players who have been stuck on 2 billion for years would complain that it wasn't their true value. So... it's easier for SC to just not poke this sleeping dragon.
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    Yeah exactly I currently use those stats from the API to let my clan know who looted how much each day. And provided activity metrics for them. But this is 2billion limit really messes up those stats - hopefully they increase that limit.

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