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    Dec 2014
    inside your head
    Got OTTO on my mini about 2 weeks ago. Keeping his robot butt busy as I wrap up my th12 defenses. Loving it.
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    Jun 2018
    Unlocked 1 hour ago....

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    Got mine unlocked on my second account just went to TH12 and have all 6 builders working. Its pretty sweet.

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    Nov 2017
    I'm working to get it on my second account. Today i put BM to the level 21, here we go... Haha
    The strategy is to upgrade till the 25 then upgrade more defenses plus baby dragon to the level 18 (minions are already maxed). Then BM will be upgraded to the max Level.

    There's a long way to go... 😅

    On my main it's been a while since I've unlocked it.

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    OTTO was my first priority when it was made available.

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    Unlocked it yesterday! Great to help me finish more upgrades on my main village and do some small upgrades on BV when needed
    It took few days less than 2 months to unlock it from this:

    - Gear up remaining(cannon)
    - Cannon carts lvl 7 to lvl18
    - BM 20 to 30
    - Mega Tesla at level 2
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    Thanks for DragonX101 for his great work!

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    Doing L17 on the BM, everything else is done. It’s going to be a while yet, but plugging away...
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    Unlocked in my main TH12 last week, not enough left there for the extra builder to help, so I've kept the MB in the builder village, working on obstacles, collectors, and traps while Otto handles the "real" defenses.

    My mini TH10 has about an hour left on the lvl 30 BM, so he'll be up soon.

    I didn't prioritize Otto very much in either village - I didn't use any magic items except for a few clock tower potions and builder runes, I upgraded the drop ships/minions before the carts, I upgraded the air bombs before the mega tesla, and I didn't upgrade the BM until the carts were done.
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    My battle machine is at level 18, i think it's gonna take 1 month to level IT up to level 30, cannon cart at level 16, 2 more level to 18 and mega tesla at level 8, one more level to level 9. I guess the bottle neck is the battle machine。

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    Making Cannon suffer
    Very far awayGear ups completeCannon Cart Level 16Mega Tesla Level 8Battle Machine Level 16

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