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    Unlocked last night

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    Just started cannon carts. Also need to do the BM.

    Sadly, by the time I get otto, my 12 won't need the 6th builder anymore. So I'm just taking my time - no using runes, books, hammers or gemming. Rather I'll have it by the end of the year when th13 probably gets rolled out.

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    - One gear up remaining(cannon)
    - Cannon carts will wait until I max my bdrags in a week maybe then will start upgrading from lvl 7 to lvl18
    - BM at 20 now and will wait until I finish my lab stuff
    - Mega Tesla at level 2

    Long way to go but since I'm managing my upgrades in a good way I always have a builder every 2 days. But still it will help on both villages when needed

    Thanks for DragonX101 for his great work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muriidi View Post
    Iwas wondering if you guys are already unlock O.T.T.O hut or not ihave finished my gear up home village and canon cart but i remain giga tesla and battle machine
    light years, i have 15 bases and not one of them has a silly multi mortar on them. :P let alone a level 30 BM. My main does have level 9 giga tesla but still level 16 cannon carts, 25 bm and I'll have to WASTE a book of building to gear up a useless multi mortar on the main. I'm a new TH11 so I'm not really excited about spending on gold on something I will never use. Could have done it before, easily. Max BH, had full gold that I wouldn't spend because my Royals were not maxed. A multi mortar would have been a good way to get rid of some gold but it never occurred to me to do something useless. Oh well, I'm irritated but not irritated by the sixth builder In the end, it's worth it. Even I am hacked off to the end of the earth. :P

    How far, about a light year?

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    i already hav everything done except cart upgrades & BM levels but i dont hav the need of 6th builder so il just upgrade BM gradually & in the mean time get different troops to max so that i hav multiple attack strategies.

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    at your base.
    -Unlocked in main, few hours ago
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    Machine at level 26
    In a couple days I'll unlock it

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    I’m half way there, with levels 4 and 5 requirements done. I’ll probably get level 3 requirement done next (after I upgrade the troops I actually want to upgrade), and then will be left with level 2 requirements. So despite being half way there, my Otto hut is still level 1.

    I’m not particularly keen on doing the gear-ups in the MV (which is why I haven’t yet done any). I don’t like being forced to do something in the MV just to get something in the BB.

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    Hmm, 2 more gears up on MV, 5 more lvl BM, giga tesla 1 lvl to max, canon cart currently at lvl 16. And with other's priority to build, I'm guessing as far as 4-5 month time

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    I didn't have a max BH8 (taking several months off from the game will do that), so I have level 13 carts and a level 10 BM. I have a loooooong way to go.

    I'll probably use runes that show up for free (or in gold pass) to get cannon cart levels done once I start doing BM upgrades (which are waiting on max Drop Minion).

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