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    The Valley

    What's the purpose of the Valley?
    I'm expressing my views while doing the Derby, I noticed it comes on during Derby and goes off about the same time. Wasn't it suppose to let those who done the Derby to have further fun while waiting for the next Derby?
    I felt the Valley was created to make Derby challenge difficult rather than the Valley is going to be the whole new fun.
    If was meant to take away stuff we kept and to jam up the roadside stall, then Derby players would stay away from it till the Derby over.
    Further more, the Valley is kinda hard to understand, it's not user friendly. Example, I saw a chicken and a task but when I get to it, the chicken disappeared.... and it happened a couple ot tries. Where does this game leads to??
    The Valley idea is cool, the broken down truck while on the rush is frustrating.... and that's part of the game.... BUT.... disappearing Chicken!!???
    Yes, I may be old.... but not stupid. I was a Creative Director before retirement, we all know the tricks to create, to sell, to attract and most of all to have a long line of loyal fans. Honestly speaking, the Valley is not shinning bright enough to attract fans. It's the same like th zoo or even the 2 old folks sitting up the hill. I don't use their service at all because they screw things up rather than helping me....hahah.
    Thank you for your ears

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    This valley addition to hay day was not a step up but a step down. I think this is for preschoolers not for anyone older.

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