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Thread: clan war league (CWL) war API issue

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    Exclamation clan war league (CWL) war API issue

    To retrieve information about a clan war league war we use /clanwarleagues/wars/{warTag}

    If we Query with a war tag on the above resource, we can fetch all the cwl info of that particular war, but the problem is that we can not differentiate the war participants and the non participants of that clan, the api fetch info of all the players, where as this resource (/clanwarleagues/wars/{warTag}) should only display info of the participants or their should be a object or array through which we can point the participants only!

    i am creating a page where i only want to show the participants :

    right now i am showing the players using {"attack"} array! else all the players of that clan shows on the map.

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    Yep, you can try to determine who is in war based on who has attacked or taken a defense, but there's no other solution through the API as it works right now.

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    Hello, it's been a while since the last response, is this still the case?

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