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    Unicorns and waterfalls

    Way back when in coc, there once was a waterfall, and I feel that the woods around the home base are rather bland, a mountain and a waterfall on one edge would really spice things up, and unicorns which have been highly supported over the past few weeks would be pretty great

    Here's what the unicorns could do
    - drop gems around the base and then wander off into the forest, they should be a rare occurrence that wouldn't happen often, maybe once a week and would stay until the player collects the gems, which would have an amount of about 10-20

    The waterfall
    - this is my humble request, to bring back the waterfall, it would really in my opinion brightens the forest around the home base, sc probably isn't going to release a new th13 for a while so this could be some content, it wouldn't really effect gameplay, but it would be something to have fun with😁

    This is a humble request and I feel many other players would enjoy these features to, so I'm hoping these are implemented into the game on the near updates, I feel this is a rather simple concept that really wouldn't effect balancing or anything like that, it would just add see scenery to the landscape, I know it took lots of RAM and caused the game to severely lag, but now programming is much more advanced and maybe, possibly, it could return
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