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Thread: Personal Train Improvement

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    Personal Train Improvement

    I've watched the transformations the personal train has gone through since it was added to the game, and quite frankly it's impressive. Nowadays, it's undoubtably cleaner and more user-friendly than it was back in the day, but I believe there's still room for improvement.

    I have countless times been selecting other neighbour's townies to then go to another neighbour's town and forget which townies I've picked up. Sometimes, I want specific types of townies, or even townies that recquire visiting specific town service buildings, and keeping tabs on which ones I've picked up can be a pain.

    Wouldn't everything be simpler if, while picking up townies using the personal train, we'd have a list of exactly which ones we have picked from other neighbour's towns, including, the type of townie, the requested service building, and the neighbour from who's town we've picked that townie up?

    Thank you!

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    That would be good I agree ����

    Id also like to see the option for a further train line to visit friends towns to collect passengers .... not just neighbourhood towns as it currently is. This would also be advantageous to solo derby players.

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