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Thread: Our Clan's Rise and Decline

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    Our Clan's Rise and Decline

    We've seen our clan rise and now are heading down like a speeding bullet.

    We started out by holding out one of our town hall 11s to get a lower ranking. From there, we won a lot.

    October: 1st Place Crystal 3
    November: 1st Place Crystal 2
    December: 1st Place Crystal 1
    January: 2nd Place Masters 3
    February: 1st Place Masters 2

    We hit March and that's where the decline started. We had maybe 9 Town Hall 12s on our roster and now we were facing off with clans with 14 or 15 town hall 12s. We were absolutely destroyed in Master's league 1. It was a big battle to prevent from coming in 8th place. It came down to the final attack and we came in 7th. Even though we had been destroyed in every round, that final round made it worth while.

    Since then, We've seen a decline. We lost a really solid town hall 12 player who went inactive. We lost another person who was town hall 12 who just went somewhere else. Of our five town hall 11 people, only one of them is now a town hall 12 and just barely last week. So, our people are not as progressing as fast as other clans. And, everyone is doing these Electro attacks... and they aren't really doing the electro attacks very well.... At some point, they watched a video on how to do them. But, the whole point of what they are doing has been lost.

    You get these people who are super busy doing real life things and they come in at a critical moment... They do their attack... ignoring any comments which have been made. They say "Whoops... I got 1 star again" and log off.


    April: 4th Place Masters 2
    May: 5th Place Masters 2
    june: 6th Place Masters 2

    Right now: Currently 8th place in Masters 2. We are dead last. We have 10 Town Hall 12s. Every other clan has more than us right now and many clans have 15 town hall 12s. I totally get that we need to progress faster. But, it is really discouraging.

    I really think we are going to drop out of Masters League entirely.

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    While not what you like to hear, it sounds like CWL is working as intended. Your clan is not upgrading as fast as other clans and you have lost some of your most advanced players. That should cause your clan to get demoted.

    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. Click here for answer on how cc troops deploy (hint, it depends) and more info here. How is war map placement of max halls determined you ask, check out threads like this one. Thank you SC for the new legends! I'd start it at 5500 and let farmers play 5000-5500, but overall it is a great improvement.

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    I can try help you out. PM your clan tag if you want to.

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    It’s a catch 22 it’s hard to recruit and keep 12s if you aren’t winning but you can’t win without 12s and if you put them on a pedestal to try to get them to stay they miss attacks, don’t donate and walk all over the clan. We’re struggling to hold on we had a lot more 12s when we started so arguably we started too high for the 12s we have now, if I could do it over again I wish we all started at the bottom and then progressed up until we settled in to where we fit. I wish there was a way to reset so we didn’t have to lose for months straight killing clan morale and losing competitive players who are dismayed with no chance of winning until we hit the balance point.

    i made the mistake of trying a 30vs30 this cwl it’s been a disaster. We’ve got 47 members but wow did it highlight how many of them are unreliable. There has been much kicking.
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    Yes... CWL working as intended. Just need to figure out a way to reserve the trend.

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    That's why i don't like CWL

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLA5H View Post
    That's why i don't like CWL
    Care to expand on that opinion?

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    We're getting crushed this CWL. Nothing really changed from last month except a few of our bases progressed but we went from one of the top 4 competing to win (ended up 3rd by 2 stars) to having been smashed 3 wars in a row and hanging out in dead last. It is a less than pleasant month. We're always at a bit of a disadvantage anyway since we don't have 30 opted in but i go for 30 anyways so I don't have to sit 10 people who really want to do it (fill in with a few inactives and a few that were opted out but do some attacks). Add in a bit of bad luck though and ugh.

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    You should just find a right league for your clan,that's all.
    We are in crystal 1 and it is right place for us
    We have 12 th12
    8 th11
    8 th10
    2 th9 in roster
    Opponent clans are more or less similar.
    We have and opted out players sometimes because dont always have 30 people,but doesnt mather if some of attacks are not made.
    We are currently third place and play casually,not like regular wars.
    We are avoiding at any cost to take first place and advance,because we know how we will be outmatched in higher leagues. Ben there,done that.
    Just playing for the medals.
    So far won 2 wars,lost one,and 1,5 persons per war miss their attacks.
    Edit 2:
    And the reason why we play 30v30 even we dont have 30 opted in players. We have more than 15 and when doing 15v15 then is that problem to put everyone to earn 8 stars for the medals so you have to change players every war,and you can do that just with weaker ones,because you cant just run all th10/11 cause they would face stronger opponents,lose,and not get enough stars,so you can rotate 2-3 players per war.
    And when you put 30 people,and even those who newer play regular wars, somehow they do their attacks in cwl.
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