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Thread: Our Clan's Rise and Decline

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    Lol if you say so.. to both posts..

    oh and again more presumptions. What post here doesn’t go back to the clan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tvsever View Post
    Lol if you say so.. to both posts..

    oh and again more presumptions. What post here doesn’t go back to the clan
    Really?.. I take back and share as much as I can with the clan.
    I openly invite them to either join, or at least read the content in community forum.
    i learned so much about the game, as well as myself, in the 2 years I been here.

    But reading thru the thread, you remind me of me, a while back.
    I too was hoping for something more openly competitive.
    I thought, and was led further into this belief due to the weighted first season, that rosters per tier would be of a similar composition.
    Every day would be a challenge, with the best clan victorious, skill versus skill and a final day of reckoning at the weeks end when the lists went out.
    I was naive enough to not take into consideration the vast differences of playing skill between clans.
    And that vast difference would make the visual appearance of cwl look ugly and lop sided.
    In reality tho, so long as there are no sandbaggers, the actual performance between the clans shouldnt be that different

    It was a rude awakening. I hated every minute, especially since our clan cant/wont follow plan.
    I rage quit eventually, half way thru a season, and handed over leadership.
    I had every intention of leaving the clan, and still may do eventually.

    But, I posted, and read, and posted some more.
    Eventually, I realised that CWL cant be approached with a fierce competitive edge.
    Winning too often simply leads to hitting a wall.
    Pulling back on the reigns, to hold the guys back, simply leads to confrontation.

    So, we adopted a casual, all in stance.
    I hate it still when somebody throws raiding troops on a double or tripple dip, and cuts off someone elses chances.
    But winning isnt important in cwl. Being consistent, and scoring stars is.
    Maintain the level, and the guys go home happy with their medals.
    We dont lose by choice, but simply because we are at that level, with the roster we put out.

    Regular war is bit between the teeth mate. A chance to go all out to kill.
    CWL is rest time. Put your slippers on, and watch the kids play.
    Once the competitive edge drops, cwl is a week in the slow lane.
    Get the message across to the clan, and everyone should lighten up.

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    My clan in Master 2 had the same problem, so we merged with another clan on Master 2 and they helped us get promoted. Now more TH12s are starting to join us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TullSadum View Post
    ...hmmm, no one said you must send your best players away for a week. Forum CWL is for any player. And if the weakest get more medals from participating CWL in the forum event by getting more wars to participate in than they would in home clan, then that will help build up the clan.
    Also meeting up with fellow forum clashers and seeing their approach to CWL, can broaden their experience. That too will helpt build the clan.

    I hope you can see the event in a different light now, and see that the forum community does not stand in competition with your clan community.

    Have Fun

    EDiT: Reading through the thread I have two more suggestions for you.
    If you are loosing Th12s for good, maybe just having one or two of them going out for a week now and then might keep them happy and they won‘t leave, espescially if they see this as am opportunity to see different approaches to CWL that they can bring back home afterwards. And in a pure TH12 CWL there is no roster engeneering. (Forum CWL holds both a pure Th12 and a mixed TH CWL).

    Secondly: Keeping morale up, even against odds is one of THE qualities that make out good leadership. I feel you are atm looking at CWL quite gloomily and you might very well be spreading this outlook on things around in your clan. This isn‘t helping you one bit nor is it helping your clan.
    I believe 2222 is trying to help you in this respect. Change your view to brighten up is what 2222 is saying.
    We still have a pure th12 event for cwl? I trough we didn't have anymore after June season.

    Th12 only war clan Brotherhood #8VYLVJJ2

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