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Thread: AMA July 2019 - Darian answers on Reddit

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    AMA July 2019 - Darian answers on Reddit

    Transcription follows. Live here : - AMA has ended now .

    Quote Originally Posted by Darian’s Intro
    Alrighty all you Clasher out there. I am Darian, Community Manager at Supercell in Helsinki, Finland for Clash of Clans. It's time to fire up another round of AMA, so let's get started.

    I've created this thread at 6:30pm Helsinki time to give it about 30 minutes to populate with questions. Once 7pm rolls around we'll get this show on the road.

    Ok it's 7pm. Let's get bizzeh! Please keep in mind that I'll be typing as fast as possible but give me a moment to reply as thoroughly as possible.

    It's 8pm right now and I need to take a quick short break to feed my furry kids (cats) before they gnaw my legs off. I'll be right back.

    It's 8:15pm and let's continue. Sorry about that. Furballs were a bit of a pain to wrangle.

    It's 9:45pm. I'm starting to run out of fuel here, so I'm gonna keep going for another 15 to 20 minutes. I'll try to answer as many more questions as I can. Many of them are duplicates so I've been skipping those if the answers can be found elsewhere.

    Ok folks. It's 10pm. I'm going to call it a night. I apologize if I didn't get to your question. There were a lot of great questions that deserve in depth answers. If I have time over the summer holiday (July is a holiday month in Finland) I will try to gradually answer some more of these. Thank you so much for the questions! And because someone asked me to, here are my idiot furballs, Glitch (L) and Loki (R):
    q: Any plans to re-work the Revenge feature? Right now revenge is completely and utterly useless.
    a: Oh boy. That's a tough one. We agree it's utterly useless after a certain TH level. We had thought about getting rid of it entirely, but there is a certain feeling of gratification when you can retaliate against the jerk...err...I mean player who raided you, amirite? So we do think the Revenge feature needs an overhaul. We don't plan on getting rid of it, but we're still not entirely sure how we want to make it better. Yes, there are a ton of easy ways to do it, like allow you to revenge through shields but for reduced loot or none at all, etc. But revenge is a dish best served cold, and it needs to have that feeling of gratification when you do use it.

    q: Will TH13 be coming this year?
    a: It's inevitable that this question will pop up. We have two more updates planned for the rest of the year. While we don't generally announce major updates like a new TH until we're ready to announce it, we have updates planned for mid- to late-autumn and one more for the end of the year.
    Since we have our ESL World Finals at the end of October, we won't introduce a new Town Hall level before the ESL Finals have completed as introducing a new TH level would throw the entire competition into disarray. Plus we would want competitors to have had the chance to max out their bases before competing with them.
    With that said, it took us 2.5 years to introduce TH12 after the release of TH11. As we've been saying, we don't want the same gap of time in between TH12 and TH13.
    It's not giving anything away by saying that there will be a TH13 at some point. While this is not a hard commitment to timelines, we would like to release a new TH level every 18 months or so. That's not a guarantee that's when a new TH will arrive, but just a guideline of how frequent we'd like new content of that scale to be released.
    We have a pretty big update slated for the end of the year. Feel free to speculate, or try to read between the lines if you will, but it's going to be a friggin' massive update with some really cool new features

    q: Question: Are we going to get a Grand warden skin soon?
    a: Yes. When it comes to the Grand Warden, the number of players who have unlocked him at TH11 is significantly lower than players who have a Barbarian King and Archer Queen. So we won't be doing Warden skins TOO frequently. But the Warden has been aching to get his party clothes on, as he's a wild one under those scholarly robes so keep an eye out soon when we invite you to the grand celebration.

    q: Will we be receiving a 4th siege machine?
    a: We do have some new Siege Machine ideas, but nothing that really makes us go, "Yes! That's an idea that works!" There are some cliche ones, like one that digs underground, but we're not sold on that. So we're still experimenting with ideas.

    q: Can we expect holiday skins for the heroes?
    a: I can't say with certainty that we'd do a holiday-themed skin for all Heroes at one time. However, if it were December, I'm pretty sure whatever skin we released would be dressed in winter attire

    q: Is BH9 the final level for the Builder Base?
    a: Final is such a strong word. We don't have BH10 in the works, nor do we have it on our production calendar. We feel there are more improvements and content we can add to the Home Village first. Once we've tackled those priorities, maybe we can revisit Builder Base again.

    q: How often do you check this subreddit?
    a: I'm here almost daily. Just look at my post history.

    q: When Builder Base was introduced in the game on May of 2017, was it Supercell's plan ever since then to add 6th Builder in the Home Village after more than 2 years or it came as an idea later on; a special addition for BH9?
    a: Adding a 6th Builder to the Home Village is something we've wanted to do for a while. We've talked about it, and almost added it for the release of TH12. But we didn't want it to just be a feature where you dropped a bunch of Gems and called it a day. When we first worked on Builder Base, it was never the end goal to allow the Master Builder two different jobs; it was an idea that came up during the development of BH9. We wanted the 6th Builder to feel like an accomplishment at the end of a long journey rather than just something you purchased. It had to be something F2P players could attain but it wasn't going to be so easy that you got it as soon as it released.

    q: This question has been asked repeatedly in the SC Forums but I'd like an official answer from you. When there are several 100% max bases in war roster, what determines the order of the roster? (Who gets to be placed #1, #2, #3, and so on). Is it random? Is it based on which account is the oldest? Experience level number? BB progress? Achievements completed? Or what?
    a: This is normally a question I'd tap a dev on the shoulder for, but given it's July and they're all on holiday, I don't have anyone to turn to (plus I'm in my home office so tapping someone would be a bit weird). I've asked this question in our team chat so if I hear back before the AMA is over, I'll update my reply here.

    q: Can you please explain in details how the 2 Wild Card teams are going to be chosen for the ESL CoC World Finals that is scheduled for October 2019?
    a: The two wild cards will be voted on by the community. As we get closer, we'll share those details and which Clans can be voted for. It won't be something like everyone submits their own entries, otherwise there'd be no clear winner. So we'll be putting together a list of Clans to vote for.

    q: Has the team considered making the trophy reset to 5k in Builder Base?
    a: It's been discussed, many times, and I believe it was almost set to that for the release of BH9. Given the meta shift, I think it's worth implementing.

    q: 7th anniversary of Clash of Clans is approaching soon! Is there any "spoiler" you can give to us whether there is any special event coming for it?
    a: We have something fun(ny) planned for the 7th anniversary party. It's a bit wacky, but we're having a ton of fun with it. There will be events and...other festivities.

    q: In the last AMA, you were asked if the new gem production would reset when collecting from Gem Mine, you said you would ask the dev team. Do you have an answer for that now?
    a: When you collect Gems from the Gem Mine, it will still retain any fractions of Gems that are still generating. For example, if you collected your Gems while it was at 1.9 Gems, you will collect 1 Gem but the 0.9 will still be there until it reaches 1.0.

    q: What are your thoughts on BH9 giving quite a strong buff to Air units in BH9 (extra Minions and Baby Dragons per camp) while giving quite a big nerf to Ground armies by adding Lava Launcher, which hard counters Cannon Carts and Night Witches (who were also already rather weak at BH8)?
    a: It's all about finding that balance. We're keeping an eye on the meta as the balance also depends on which trophy level a player is at. Certain armies are effective at certain trophy ranges because bases at certain upgrade levels tend to hover in certain ranges. What may apply to maxed out BH9's at 4000+ trophies might not be applicable to mid BH9's or maxed BH8's at 3500 trophies. So if and when we do balance, we need to also keep an eye on its trickle-down effect. The Lava Launcher is our first DOT AOE defense for Builder Base so it has thrown a new dynamic into how players attack, but we'd need to see a couple months worth of data before we start making any tweaks.

    q: Any plans for bringing back Hammer Jam and BB Battlefest events?
    a: If I said yes to Hammerjam, wouldn't that be giving something away? ;-) Although I think a Battlefest is long overdue.

    q: Are you able to provide any details on what the priorities are/what is being worked on for the remainder of 2019?
    a: This is actually a really excellent question. Up until the recent update, our priorities have been to speed up the upgrade process and also fix the clouds. We did both, and words can't describe how happy we are with Operation Blue Skies. There are probably some incremental improvements we could apply to the system but overall we feel it's been a major success, albeit a few years later than players would've hoped.
    So with those two major obstacles out of the way, what are we focusing on?
    - New content - This is always a driving force on the team. What new cool stuff can we release that would improve the game. We never do content just to release new content. To paraphrase Marie Kondo, when we do new content it must spark joy in us and the players. It's gotta be fun, it's gotta be different, and it's gotta make sense. And while those guidelines may sound common sensical, sitting down for those team design meetings are some of funnest (and funniest) meetings we have.
    - Better Clan experience - This is something we've always had our eye on for the past couple years. It's easy to come up with a list of things we'd like to do to improve the Clan experience, but coming up with a project plan on implementing them is quite different. But, we are looking at a ton of QoL improvements on this front.
    Single player content - While it's not high on the priority list, we would like to add some cool single player/PVE content in the future. What shape that'll take is still up in the air as we have thousands of really cool ideas we'd like to put into the game.
    - Esports - This was the first year Clash took to the world stage in the form of esports in partnership with ESL. It was a gamble, given that it's a 7-year old mobile game. But partnering with ESL was a match made in heaven as we've seen so many pro teams come out of the woodwork. Tribe Gaming, Team Queso, and many, more have thrown their hats into the ring with sponsored teams. With players from various countries going to the finals, it's truly a World Championship. So we'd like to explore the esports space a bit in the coming years.

    q: Will BM get its own special skin?
    a: Not likely. For now we're keeping the skins in the Home Village. That might change in the future, but for now we don't have any plans for BM skins.

    q: Will we have miscellaneous perks like in Clash Royale e.g Gold Name in chat for Season Pass?
    a: When we released the Season Challenges, we wanted to let players keep a low profile as to whether or not they upgraded to the Gold Pass, given how some of the community can antagonize players who spend money in the game. We didn't want to paint a giant target on them. However, given that if they have a Hero Skin unlocked, that's a pretty good indicator that someone did upgrade to the Gold Pass. I don't know of any special flair or features we plan on adding to Gold Pass members, but it's something certainly we could look at.

    q: Will F2P players be able to get future skins with Gems, for example, or event rewards? (I'm Season Pass holder though)
    a: At some point we might offer previous skins in package deals or special seasonal offers. We need to make sure we're striking a balance in those offers, to ensure that the Gold Pass is the more attractive value, as it really is truly a great deal. It's something that's been discussed but nothing has been committed to yet.

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    q: Will we get any third village in the future ?
    a: Probably not. And that's not because of the community divide between Home Village lovers and Builder Base fans, but because allocating development resources to three different villages simply wouldn't make sense. The Home Village is clearly the mainstay of the game where we see the most activity. We don't want to divide players' time between having to tend to three different bases as that would simply be too demanding on players and on us.
    If we saw a reason for one, then maybe. For example, if there was a third base that all Clan members contributed to, then that's perhaps something we might think about. But a feature like that is nowhere on our radar at the moment.

    q: When can we expect BH10 ? Will it take like another 1 year before it gets released?
    How many updates can we expect more this year ?
    a: If we do a BH10, it'll be a while before we work on it. We don't have any plans at this time to release it but that's because we already have a list of things we're currently developing.
    We've probably got two major updates planned for the year and potentially some minor ones (balance changes, etc.)

    q: when will supercell invest in better customer support?
    is supercell aware that the current automated system and live support are a source of turmoil in the community?
    a: I could give the generic response of "we're always looking to better improve the players' experience when it comes to receiving support." But the truth of the matter is, there is no clear system that could perfectly provide absolute support all the time. Having humans staffed at all times around the globe is simply not a sustainable model, especially when so many of the questions that get asked are things that can be managed on their own.
    We receive thousands of support tickets per day. Many of them are mundane things like "when is TH13 coming?" or "can you tell me what's in the next update?" And many of them are things that can be fixed if a player received instructions that can be found on our website.
    So when you have thousands of tickets of that nature, the support agent becomes unnecessary if we can link the player directly to the answer through an automated system. Yes, it does take some of the interactivity away, but it provides the exact same answer a support agent would've provided.
    But the entire system isn't automated, otherwise we wouldn't need support agents. We have agents who handle thousands of account recoveries per day (many of them are fraudulent attempts at recovering stolen accounts). So there has to be a middle ground where we can provide an automated system that gives you the answer that's already available.

    q: How's the weather there?
    a: This year's summer has been unusually cold and rainy. Last year we had some crazy heatwave, but this year I've had to wear a hoodie outside on some afternoons.

    q: Recently, Supercell announced it's removing the games from Vietnamese app stores, does that mean there are possiblities of having removal of the games from other countries like US or India as well?
    Also, not sure about iOS users, but might they be able to access the game via APK, will anything restrict them from playing?
    a: No. Unfortunately, I'm unable to comment further on this other than direct you to our public statement here:

    q: Now, let's go for the esports question, after this October'19 esports competition, are we able to expect another esports tournament (with a million dollar cash prize) real soon?
    a: Who knows? This was our first year attempting to legitimize Clash as an esport. It's been an exciting but incredibly exhausting journey. Partnering with ESL has helped mitigate some of that headache, but we haven't decided what we want to do in the future just yet.

    q: After the esports competition (Oct'19) is over, and in case a RvF round 5 is organised, does that have any chances of having live stream at Helsinki?
    a: It's worth considering, but, when we do livestreams we do need to find ways to attract viewership. Viewers are more likely going to watch players they recognize like iTzu, etc. So we'd have to find a way to make the RvF tourney something viewers would want to watch and not just make it, "just another live stream for Clash."

    q: Pretty much understood that Legends is now a TH12 game, but don't you think doing eight attacks per day and defending the base eight times makes sometimes difficult for a busier player to maintain the trophy count? I'd suggest that the players are able to choose how much attacks/defenses he wants to have per day. Say, I'm a Town Hall 12, and chooses four attacks per day, meaning defending the base four times. That works with the work and clash schedule, just a suggestion, what do you think?
    a: We intentionally made the number of attacks the same for everyone. We're getting an equal number of complaints saying it's too many attacks as there are complaints stating it's not enough attacks. Averaging it out, I'd say that's pretty balanced.

    q: Will the old hero skins, like P E.K.K.A. King/Queen ever make a return to the Gold Pass Rewards list? Asking because I missed a skin and would like to have it if there's any method.
    a: Never say never, but we probably won't offer the same ones again through Gold Pass.

    q: How many accounts do you have? What town hall is it? Are you leading the clan in which it is? On an average how much do you spend on the game?
    I understand that dropping your player tag might not be possible, how about if you share a picture of your base & profile (with name & tag blurred) and we're able to see your progress.
    P.S. I do remember the thread on Forums in which you introduced yourself as a Town Hall 10 when you joined Supercell as the Community Manager. I'm just curious how much progress you have done since then.
    a: I've got 1 main (max TH11 except for a few walls), 3 minis (max TH10, TH9, and Th8). How much I spend is something we don't share publicly. But we don't get freebies.

    q: Thoughts on Clan Name changes?
    a: It's been ruled out for now

    q: Will the practice mode get updated?
    a: What do you mean updated? Will we add more content? Perhaps eventually. It was fun but challenging to create it using the game logic, but it is a time consuming process. I don't know if we'll have a practice mode for every single type of meta attack out there. It was largely just to give players an idea of how to use a particular unit if they're unfamiliar with it.

    q: Friendly attacks to friends, who is not in my clan?
    a: I'm not sure I understand this question.

    q: New idea to Clan Perks?
    a: Clan perks are on our QoL list, but it's not a high priority at the moment.

    q: Will there be new ranks?
    a: New ranks in the Clan? Like other than leader, co-leader, elder, etc? We don't really see a need for it at this time.

    q; Will the War Tools get a improvment?
    a: What kind of improvements would you like to see?

    q: Reward sytsem when you get higher with the trophy?
    a: Can you clarify?

    q: League in Builder Base?
    a: Probably not.

    q: Can we expect someway to designate sister clans in next update?
    a: Not in the next update. We would like to improve Clan interactivity, but we're still thinking on how we want to do this.

    q: A little teaser, what the next Update could be?
    a: It won't be a new TH level.

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    q: I'm curious as to what the general process for art direction is like.
    Who decides what the new defense levels / troop levels should look like? Is it the art team themselves, or is there a different team that tells the artists what to draw? Is the same art team who worked on the TH11 art design years ago the same ones working on the TH12 art design now?
    I'm sure this isn't just me, but I noticed that the newer art for the new defense levels seem rather uninspired.
    When TH12 was released, I was very excited because it was blue (my favorite color!) and electric-themed. I had high hopes.
    I remember back in the day when I was looking at a max TH10 and a max TH11 (back when they were the respective max, end-game town halls) and feeling very intimidated just by looking at the base. Now, when I look at a max TH12 base, I just don't feel that same sense of awe anymore – that grand, end-game feeling that a max Th11 or a max TH10 brought me when they were the max town halls. TH12, to me, just looks underwhelming and messy and bulky and disorganized, and isn't as consistent (theme-wise and color-wise) as the three previous town halls. To be honest, it makes me want to stop at max TH11 (which I think is the most aesthetically-pleasing of all the town halls).
    Now I'm sure great gameplay beats great aesthetics anytime, but these two aren't really mutually exclusive. I just feel like we deserve better aesthetics than what we currently have.
    That said, I'm glad about the reworked inferno tower. Definitely looks better than the previous one! But a part of me (as well as a lot of others in the community) still wishes for the flames to be blue (to better match the TH12 color).
    This isn't limited to TH12 art design either. BH9 looks very underwhelming as well. The defenses and the walls of a max BH9 look very similar to that of a max BH8, you could hardly distinguish them. Earlier this week, somebody also pointed out the art design for the different levels of the Lava Launcher. One can't help but think that the differences in the level designs are rather... lazy (for lack of a better term).
    I hope that the artists who read this would see it as a constructive criticism rather than a personal attack.
    I remember a few AMAs back when you mentioned that the artists are "a testy bunch". (Was this purely a joke or is there some truth to this?) How receptive are the artists to ideas/suggestions by the community? Do they feel offended when we say "This particular design could have been better"? Because I really believe TH12 could use some improvement, art design-wise. It just doesn't give that end-game feel.
    Having said all that, I nonetheless think the Gladiator Queen and the Valkyrie Queen skins look cool! Please pass on our praise to whoever worked on those!
    > a: The aesthetics of the art is largely determined by the artists on the team. But they're not the sole arbitrator of the art direction. We, as a team, agree on an art direction based on concepts provided by the artists and we iterate based on team feedback.
    When we were working on TH12, we agreed that we wanted it to be simpler and cleaner instead of going more and more decorative. Looking at TH9 to TH10 to TH11, the designs were getting more and more wild, with more chains, more flair, more everything. We wanted to tone that down a bit, which is why the designs for TH12 are a bit...muted.
    We have a sole artist dedicated to doing 3D skins, and that person is incredibly talented.
    For the most part we just let them do their thing.
    I don't have an answer for the Lava Launcher, but keep in mind that from level to level the upgrade changes are supposed to be iterative. With Builder Base, those iterations are a bit more subtle since there are less levels than the Home Village.
    The artists don't go onto the forums or reddit so it's up to us Community Managers to filter community feedback to them and we do. But we tend to keep our disciplines fairly separate so while we provide feedback to the artists, it's their prerogative whether or not they take it into consideration, just as the artists don't dictate how we interact with the community.

    ——-(long q&a above)
    q: I have just 1 question that I've had on my mind for a very long time now.
    It's about clans and their management in particular. For a game having "clans" in its name, clan management options, tools are definitely in need of improvements (be it more options in clan settings, like setting minimum TH/BH levels, not just trophies still), another rank/custom ranks for distinctions of say great war players, donators etc, giving specific permissions instead of blankly all for elder/co and none otherwise, a leadership chat and such?
    Fact is many leaders in order to lead a clan need external tools aod communications, which seems to me to indicate lack of tools for them in game.
    In short, don't clans need some love in this regard?
    a: We absolutely agree the "Clans" part needs some work. Given the game was called Clash of Clans and Clan Wars was added later, there's an almost humorous irony in that.
    Looking to improve the Clan experience is one of our top priorities going forward, apart from creating new content.
    I, personally, would love to see a troop donation log. Partly to see how frequently someone donates, but also to rain down wrath on whoever it is who keeps giving me Goblins.

    q: if or when that happens and it comes with another hero, has the developper team think of changing the way we use heroes? Make us choose 3 from the 4 (or more in the future) heroes available to bring them into battle? Or just keep bringing them all?
    a: So let's look at a hypothetical new TH release where we introduce a new Hero just to address these questions: If we were to introduce a new Hero, one of the things we want to avoid is having players being able to "hide them away" or sandbag them until they can level them high enough to be desirable. So if we created a system where you can alternate 3 of the 4 Heroes, chances are that high level players will just keep the 4th Hero inactive until they can level them up significantly. We would want to avoid that situation. While adding a 4th Hero Altar adds an extra target for attackers to destroy, it also means you'll have 4 Heroes available when you attack and that's adding more buttons to the attack bar that you need to pay attention to. When you're doing multi-phased attacks, trying to keep track of everything on screen while paying attention to when to activate your Heroes adds more complexity that we don't know if it's necessary. So there are a few challenges we need to look at if we were to introduce a 4th Hero from a gameplay perspective. And that's not even mentioning identifying what role we'd want that Hero to fill. We've got a tank (BK), ranged DPS (AQ), and support (GW). Finding something unique, while fun, is still a challenge.

    q: the 3 minutes mark is a reason for a lot of failures at TH12, have you looked at that data? Any chance that this changes with the next TH level or even before? Like adding extra time or just let the battle go to the end with no time limit? The player couldn’t act after the 3 minute mark, but the action could go on until the last troop dies... not sure of the way that could affect an esport event, it could be time consuming and ‘annoying’ to watch. But the game could speed up the process.
    a: So far in the ESL Qualifiers, only a few matches have resulted in time running out. Most of the attacks resolve before the timer reaches zero. We think there's still some more life that can be squeezed out in the 3 minute span, but it IS starting to get close to that limit.

    q: I don’t like the way that CWL was set up, but I can understand it from a Supercell’s point of view and the organization of esports events at TH12. With CWL, clan games, season challenges... isn’t Supercell afraid of burning out the players? Specially those with multiple accounts.
    a: In what way do you not like it? It's a completely optional feature that doesn't require participation.

    q: Is there any plans for introduction of something like clan village?
    a: It's an idea we've tossed around but we've no plans on it yet

    q: Any chance of special events for wars, like x troop will deal more damage in wars, air troops will be automatically raged, all our defences will be max for our th etc. (for limited time like events)?
    a: We've considered this before and for now we've stuck with just using the seasonal temporary troops to fill that niche. We do have to keep in mind how this would affect the game at the competitive level, but I could see something like that adding some flavor to the game in the future.

    q: Will we see options for more ranks/tags which can be assigned by co(leader) and are particularly cosmetic?
    a: We don't have any plans on it, but given our focus going forward is improving the Clan experience, I wouldn't rule it out.

    q: What is your favorite war army?
    a: I'm a hardcore Queen Walker. 6 Witches, 18 Bowlers, 5 Healers, and a Baby Dragon to funnel.

    q: How are most heroic attacks/defences calculated in war?
    a: To be honest, I don't know and the dev team is gone for July holiday but when I get a chance to find out I will.

    q: Can we get special batches in future in our profile like one for playing for a long time like 6 years?
    a: That's what the special obstacles are for.

    q: How about improvement in friendly challenges by allowing us to choose any army and cc for attacking (not just our trained army)?
    a: The FC system uses the default game logic and rules. I don't know how difficult or easy it would be to custom code it to allow that.

    q: Will we see any improvement in revenge system?
    a: We agree it needs fixing. We've got some ideas we're working on for that.

    q: If you could remove any troop from the game, what will you remove?
    a: Remove a troop? Oh geez. I don't think I'd remove any. They all fulfill unique and specific roles.

    q: Any hope for trophy road like in BrawlStars and CR?
    a: Those games are geared towards that type of system, and unfortunately Clash isn't.
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    q: How does the Clash Team come up with season pass rewards? Are they drawn from a hat? Are darts thrown? Does someone get drunk and start naming things? I'm curious.
    a: We try to look at what has been offered previously and mix it up a bit so it doesn't get repetitive or predictable. If a BoH was offered at Tier 5 every single month, it would get stale at a certain point. While some rewards might not seem so appealing to some, there will always be others who might be looking for those exact rewards. Each month's rewards are intentionally planned out.

    q: Will the Battle Machine ever get a skin?
    a: Probably not.

    q: How was your day today, Darian?
    a: Today was leg day at the gym. Standing up is incredibly difficult.

    q: why did u guys finally decide to add the gem mine in the builder's village after 5 years of nothing
    a: Because...players wanted it?

    *ArcherQueenBot saw a wall, and went MiA * below are other q&a not reported by the bot.

    q: If my account was created in Vietnam, but I live and play elsewhere (for years) am I still going to be able to have access and play this account? All the information given in links provided from SC simply do not answer this and in game support hasn't given a straight answer either.
    a: Unfortunately, apart from what is posted on the website, I'm unable to comment further on this situation and for that I am very sorry.

    q; How have you been? Your job must be stressful
    a: Stress is relative. It's a good kind of stress where you constantly feel the urge to get stuff done and not the kind of stress where you feel lost or useless.

    q: Will new Clan Shield options ever become available?
    a: Do you mean the Clan emblem options? Strangely, I don't think it's been considered before. I can at least pitch the idea to the team.

    q: I asked about the idea of linking sister/feeder/ally clans in the last AMA, and I am curious about any updated thoughts in regards to that general subject.
    a: Up until now, our main goals have been speeding up progress and fixing the clouds. We've delivered on those promises, but now our priorities are shifting to what we can do to improve the Clan experience and develop new content. I don't have a roadmap I can share just yet, but we are aware this is one of the most requested ideas. But if we were to do it, we'd need to make sure it's something that would make sense and could be useable rather than just linking two Clan chats together.

    q: The Resourcler concept was a big thing that was spoken of, notably from Galadon, and a lot of the community seemed to like it. I can’t say the same, and I am aware that this idea is currently ruled out, so I was wondering if any change of thought has been taken after the influx of support for this.
    a: No. Ruled out. Kill that hashtag and set it on fire please. It would absolutely ruin the game economy.

    q: The Grand Warden hasn’t had a skin yet, and it was due to the small number of players who have him. Has any thought been given into giving him one next season (or soon) or possibly having 2 skins next season?
    a: Soon!

    q: This is starting to get into the suggestions, but a reddit user created a post, wanting to bring back the mini storages that laid on top of the Clan Castle, because it helped gauge all the resources in the CC and (and I agree on this) they look cute.This is also the most supported [IDEA] post on Reddit. Has the development team taken this suggestion into consideration or implementing something like this (I would really like to see the mini storages back on top too)?
    Here are some suggestions (pretty much all QOL based) I have and collected from the clash community (especially reddit):
    -Miniature Storage for CC
    -Showing when a user was last online (similar to Brawl Stars)
    -Training times shown for custom and previous armies
    -”Remove All” button that clears all troops/spells/siege machines from their designated training areas (I was thinking one button per type of building)
    -Custom clan rejection messages
    -Custom names for base layout slots
    -Practice levels for Builder Base (more of a feature idea)
    -More clan badge icon options
    -”Saved {clan} request text”
    a: These are all great suggestions that we'll keep in mind.

    q: Can you explain why the trophy reset for builder base is still at 4k? Is it due to the small playerbase of builder base?
    a: We often have this discussion on whether or not we want to reset at 5k or 4k. I do believe the population of players at that range is a factor, but I don't believe it's the only one. Beyond that, I'd have to ask our designers and they're gone for the holidays. But I will try to follow up and find out.

    q: Any chance Builder Base receives more bases that can be unlocked via gems like the war base ones?
    a: It's an idea worth pitching to the designers. /shrug It's just a matter of how much demand there is for a feature like that.

    q: BH9 hasn’t even been out for even 1 month yet but I feel like asking this: Will it take double the amount of time to release BH10 considering it took a pretty long time to release BH9?
    a: Truthfully, it's going to be a while before we do more BH content. We don't have BH10 on our production calendar. As I've said elsewhere here, we've got a ton of things we'd like to focus on first before we come back to Builder Base.

    q: Why players in Titan-1 is getting 13 hours shield after getting destroyed fully (100%) instead of 16 hours shield? But it is not same with players in other league like T2, T3 and all. They get full 16 hrs shield.***
    a: The shield difference was to reduce potential clouding at Titans I.

    q: Is there any chance of getting features like block a player from joining a clan or block a player from watching your profile / sending request?
    a: There are quite a few social improvements we need to make, including ways of preventing abuses such as that.

    q: Will heroes skin be available for buying individually ? Not just with Gold pass because many players bases are maxed. They cannot do anything with those rewards apart from selling them for cheaper gems price.
    a: We don't have any plans to sell them individually.

    q: Please please please can we make an OLD PERSON hero skin? As I myself am old, as are my heroes (65/65/40 soon). Imagine a frail old queen with a walker instead of her cross bow. The king with a long gray beard and a cane instead of his sword. It would be hilarious and I'm sure you can relate lol. My adult war clan would all buy it. Much love. Thanks for the amazing game.
    a: Hahahaha I will try and pitch the Geriatric Warden to the art team.

    ... continued in post #8 ...

    Ps: I am using the bot’s summary at top to find the latest replies, hopefully, I won’t miss one. Thx /r for adding that bot but it stopped working atm, the last few q&a were found manually...
    Also, pardon the rough nature of the transcripts, my tablet isn’t as comfy as a laptop to add the codes to make this more readable.

    Big D’s been multitasking as he came to read this thread during the AMA maybe while popping another cold one outta the fridge (around 9:45pm, the fridge’s empty).

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    right behind you
    thanks for sharing it.

    i read:
    - new th levels every 18 months planned
    - friggin big update at the end of the year
    - read between the lines
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    Quote Originally Posted by Petgoat View Post
    You got that question mixed up about 3 mins not enough for th12
    Corrected, thanks for the hint

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    q: The new practice mode, will Supercell include the community in way of being able to somehow edit/make new challenges, maybe some kind of layout and be able to spread this around and beat this kind of challenge? (definite time, should use some specific spells, etc)You will build some kind of "fun" layout and afterwards challenge your clan to beat this with the army, not as in FC kind but more like on the Goblin Map kind of Character. (IN Rocket league there is some similar way how to practice. In this way you could let the community grow their own "practice mode". Also see Question 2.
    a: Designing and implementing an end-user editor is a daunting task, especially since the game isn't developed using a visual editor. Such a tool would require quite a bit of time and resource to create and truth be told, it's a double edged sword. I can only imagine how many...ahem...inappropriate designs would come from such a tool. But that's a worst case scenario. Creating the practice mode was a time consuming addition to the game since it required scripting of very specific actions to be followed. We'd like to add more in the future, but like the Goblin Village, it's on the "nice to do list".

    q: Will there be some possible "funneling guide", where you can post bases in this practice mode and send it to other people via the link, where you show them how proper funneling is done? (You record your attack, where to place your troops and they can play this attack and see what the outcome is) Would be also nice for YTbers, who are showing funneling guides as iTzu. I'm a big fan.^^
    a: This idea is a natural evolution of the practice mode. The original goal was to just get players familiar with how to use certain units once they reach a certain Town Hall level and also introduce them to some of the more popular strategies being used. It would be nice to include specific tactics like how funneling works, or how kill squads function, and why. For now, we rely on our content creators to create that kind of content.

    q: Will there be in near future a way of including the builderbase into some kind of "Clanwars?
    a: We were thinking about that for a while, but for now, we've got too much to do in the Home Village for a while.

    q: I read about different ranks and was thinking about a "guest" rank, someone who is very new to the clan, is only able to see the chat without posted layouts, cannot see into the Warlog, not able to participate in the war and not see the button "clanwar". After that, you can promote this player to a higher rank with "member". To prevent possible spying and be able to interact inside the game better with players and not be afraid or paranoid^^, because in many clans you can only ask via different plattforms as discord to get into the clan, because of possible spying etc. Is there any way of seeing this QoL in the near future?
    a: While we're evaluating how we can improve the Clan experience, I don't know if redesigning the Clan structure is the way to go.

    q: In the next clash World championships (next one after the current) will you and ESL be planning in an effective way to do the qualifiers so that no team would miss out, as one of two teams have been unable to make it to Katowice Poland for the qualifiers, due to visa/travel issues.
    a: Given that this was the first time we've done a world championship, there are a lot of learnings we've taken away from this that we would like to apply if we do one next year. Managing travel is definitely one of them.

    q: Do you play Bowitch or miner comps? Do you have any specific tips to give?
    a: I Queen Walk with 6 Witches and 18 Bowlers. I funnel using a Baby Drag to clear some of the buildings out of the way near the Queen since I don't have to worry about the Healers switching targets to the Baby Drag.

    q: What's your favourite brawler, & Gamemode in brawl stars??
    a: Gem Grab and I LOVE Shiba Nita, but my forte is using Barley.

    q: How are the rewards for battle pass determined each month?
    a: We throw darts at a target. (same as below)

    q: Is there a plan for a warden skin? Not everyone is th11 or above but we'll all get there if we keep playing!
    a: No plans. Ever. These answers might be fabrications only because you asked them.

    q: Do you think it will be a good idea to have 5 battles instead of 3 in builder base? Similar to the 5 stars in the main base? If the answer is no... why?
    a: We're on the fence if we want to increase the number of battles or increase the amount of loot earned. Both have pros and cons.

    q: For CWL, why should the winning clan get 10 extra stars for winning each war? The ESL Qualifiers don't have it... Do you think it will make CWL more competitive and fair... even percentages would matter in CWL.
    a: As far as the bonus stars, it's because without it, so many Clans would end up tying the amount of stars and it would almost always come down to destruction percentage. We wanted to avoid that being the primary decider of who won.

    q: Will we ever have a feature that allows us to rename clans? With Gems?
    a: Each new development cycle, this idea gets proposed. For now it's been ruled out, but it's not disregarded. We're just shelving the idea for now until we make some further improvements to the Clan feature.

    q: I know supercell is pretty happy with OBS. Overall I like it. But would supercell consider allow Legends players to farm in titans after the 8 are done (But have no affect on legends standing), perhaps this would help with titans clouds?
    a: We want to keep the Legend League as separate as possible from the other Leagues. Being able to farm in lower Leagues would have an effect on the economy by reducing the amount of resources available to other players in those leagues.

    q: I saw you mention improved clan experience: would Supercell consider leader control of in-game war base calling (putting a time stamp on when someone called a base, leaders setting time limits, or canceling someone reserving a base)
    a: This is a feature that's been requested quite a bit, but we're still deciding if it's something that adds value or if it's only a small amount of players who'd use it.

    q: Why were there only 7 teams in the June ESL qualifications? Were there technical problems resulting in the last team not being able to participate or were you not able to find the 8th team which would had been interested in participating? If the latter is the case, do you think it's worrying that there were not enough teams to fill the 8 spots since this was just the 4th of the qualifiers?
    a: I can't go into details as to what happened. All I can say is that Clans who plan on attending the Qualifiers must be able to obtain travel visas as it's written in the ESL rulebook.

    q: So in your opinion, what are the minerals that make a very Top Clan in Clash atm, as in the big name Clans that we all know? The stand out Clans that Supercell have covered a lot in the past. What is it that those Clans do that gets them noticed in your eyes?
    a: Amethyst, Alexandrite, Helenite, and a dash of Jadeite.
    Are there any Clans in particular you're referencing? Most of the Clans we feature are those who win various events like Champions War League or our own Clan War League. For a while, Dark Looters were the ones who dominated those circuits so it was only natural we highlight their achievements. But with the World Championships, we're seeing top Clans from all over the world. We've started sharing base layouts from some of these Clans as well!

    q: Will the 6th builder be available on gold pass ?
    a: No. We didn't want it to be purchased with money, and that was intentional by design.

    q: Last time you were here, I'm pretty sure you promised laser swords for the P.E.K.K.A... it seems like we're both still waiting on this and it's definitely missing from the BK's new skin.
    Just wanted to give you the heads up and will eagerly wait for the patch to fix.
    a: You know, I really pushed for laser swords. I really did. But the team tends to ignore me when I pitch design ideas. There's a reason why I'm a community manager and not a game designer, after all. But, I get my revenge since they let me write the in-game texts, come up with event names, etc. See if you can find all the pop references.

    q: Where did the dark elixer rune and the BH runes go that were previously in the Gold Pass?
    Less training potions aswell and we get more wall rings and shuffles... Not exactly the things that I wanted more of.
    a: We will always vary the rewards month to month. What might be appealing to you might not be so appealing to someone else. And just because you might not like it, someone else might be absolutely delighted at the rewards. And this is why we mix it up each month and offer something different, like the Clan Games.

    q: I was overseas and didn’t have access to my phone during all of the first season pass. just wondering if we will get a chance to buy the first barb skin or have a chance to earn it?
    a: We might bring back previous skins as special packages in the future. We're still discussing how we want to do that without devaluing the Gold Pass or diminish their exclusiveness.

    q: have to ask cuz has happened not once but twice to the same clan. Name change twice. Cuz its offensive but its not. And there are a thousand clans with same name. They didnt get it
    a: Name changes are reactive not proactive. Meaning, we don't actively look for names that are offensive. That would require a team of hundreds of people scanning millions of Clans. We rely on players to report offensive content to bring it to our attention. If it was changed, then it was deemed offensive. It might not be offensive to YOU, but everyone has a different level of what they're willing to tolerate. However, we do have to adhere to certain regulation to maintain our age rating in the game.

    q: Would the previous released skins ever be offer as a gem or cash item in the future? Love the new obs. Good work
    a: I can't say if we'd ever offer skins for gems or sell them individually for cash. We might offer previously available skins for special packages once in a while, but it won't be frequently. Like the various special obstacles, the skins represent you being present at a particular point in the game's history and the skin marks that moment. If we sold various rare obstacles, in some sense it would diminish the achievement of someone who got a special obstacle 6 years ago. We want the skins to maintain some of that exclusive feeling.

    q: Does Supercell support strategic rushing unofficially?
    a: There really isn't a strategy that we officially support. Those kinds of titles are all community created. We just try to make the environment as fair as possible.

    q: Any plans to add a silver pass hero skin? Or maybe a free hero skin for an event, Christmas?
    a: Most likely not. The Skins are meant to be exclusive to the Gold Pass, but we might occasionally offer a previous one through a value pack. We haven't decided yet.

    q: Will the requirements for the 6th builder change?
    a: Unlikely. We put in a lot of thought of how challenging we wanted it to be. We didn't want it to simply be a "money grab" where you could purchase the Builder like the previous ones. We wanted it to be an achievement but we didn't want it to be easy.

    q: What’s crack’a lackin my g
    a: Strangely, my pantry is sorely lacking in crackers to eat and now I want some Saltines. But they don't sell Saltines in Finland.

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    THANKS a lot. My internet was slow today. So it was easy to browse forums and read your transcript!

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    Cheers for doing this, good job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrinCoC View Post
    Cheers for doing this, good job!
    What happened to your bot? Did ‘she’ really see a wall?
    (see near begin of post #4)

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