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Thread: I can not complete task to collect chicken

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    I can not complete task to collect chicken

    Game crashes when i try to complete 4 person task to collect chicken

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    Same here. Seems others have similar problem.

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    The problem still exists. I can not complete a task which requires more than there players. Will anybody fix it finally?

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    I also have this problem.
    I guess I should delete my cross-posts in the Android threads.

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    I have the same problem now, normaly i can do the more person task but now not anymore, it startet one hour ago
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    Same problem here-when I click on the "Complete" tab for the group task, it immediately crashes the game. I just had this happen for the 1st time a few mimutes ago.
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    I went to a chicken who needs to be served by more players. I was the 1st to fill the task but when I clicked on the button, the game exited. So I wasted my fuels and missed the chicken.
    I tried to feed the chicken on 3 different Android devices (phones, tablets, etc) but the game exited every time, so this issue is independent from the device.

    Remark: not every time happens this, because later I left that particular chicken and I was succesfull to complete an another more-players-chicken task. But that time I wasted my hard received 6 fuels...

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