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Thread: If There Weren’t Any Medals Would You Still Opt In For CWL?

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    People will never stop applying clan war mentality to CWL. It’s not the same game yet they expect the same rush. I would still participate in CWL with no medals but we’d do one 15 account roster and that would be it. As it stands I have everyone participating with the goal of growing stronger each season by maxing out everyone’s medals. By OP’s logic clan games is also severely flawed because the vast majority by my estimation only play for the rewards and or profile achievement.

    Also, there is no matchmaking in CWL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    If they could implement a family clan feature, allowing movement between2 clans without the leave and get accepted system.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    We WOULD like to create some kind of "social network" to provide support systems to Clan families. It's been something on the discussion table before, but hasn't really moved beyond that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBJ1958 View Post
    Actually our clan is good with over 400 wins we do know how to play the game but in CWL when the top three teams 70% of our team cannot get 1 star means the match is not fair. I don't care how good a player you are a th9 is not going to beat a th12 . Th9/10 defense gets rolled over and offense cannot even get a star. In our war we are in 6 place with 26 stars after two wars. The other clans without all TH12 are even in worse shape than us. COC assumption is that you lose but you still get rewards at bottom eqaul to the top of the next rung down. That assumes you get the same number of stars in both rungs. OOPS another KEY flaw in logic ♥♥♥♥♥

    What is really shown the flaws of the ladder system is most of these clans have open war logs and you can see what the match is and what they have been doing soo umm nope.
    No mate. That is your assumption.
    I havent seen any statement from SC to support your comments.
    I have seen it stated, that if you finish in the bottom 2, you will be demoted to the next tier down, and should find easier "matches".

    It is a performance based ladder system.
    The most likely cause of your predicament, is that, indeed, you are good players.
    That means you have pushed higher up the ladder than many/most would, if given your break down.
    Better players play with a power disadvantage.. Lesser players play with a power advantage.

    But what others do is individual choice.
    Whether they push, stick, or tank, is a decision that each individual clan will have taken.
    Obviously, the only time this decision will become a problem for a clan, is if the decision was to push.
    Eventually, that clan will reach a level whereby they will lose simply because they are too light.

    Restate.. Performance is Weight/Playing skill/Organisation... Therefore a good pushing clan will run out of having sufficient power to remain competitive.
    it is what it is.

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    Why wouldn't we do it? The 2x loot is great although the medals are very helpful. I have to keep a close eye on my treasury as it fills up so fast. As far as mismatches, we are running around 4 12s, 6 or so 11s, rest 10s and the occasional 9 in crystal 2. We are almost always outnumbered by town hall level comparison. No big. We just attack what we see. At least at our level, the opponents are usually quite rushed. Our bases are all heavy. We can hold our own. We are right where we should be. We have finished between 3 and 5 in the last four rounds. We rotate as many players as we can to ensure as many as possible get 8 stars. We have been growing so hope to do 30 v 30 next round. Granted, we've never been hung up on regular war win streaks. We run with whoever is available. If we lose, so be it. As long as everyone attacks and has fun, it's all good. Cwl is no different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LBJ1958 View Post
    are you a th 12?
    Me? Some of my bases are TH12s, yes. Some of them even need the loot.

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    yes. i would. it's a horse race where you manage six opponents rather than one. the strategy is complex and fascinating

    clan xp is great for clans trying to reach level 5/10 for perks. loot is good

    coming to the forum and reading people having melt-downs because there is tougher competition: priceless

    that last in itself is worth the price of admission, even if it is a sad commentary on the grip of socialist theory and the state of mind it fosters
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    Quote Originally Posted by NZArtillery View Post
    With no medals & only the 2x loot to be gained from a win in CWL would you still want to participate? And why?

    The reason I’ve asked this question is many in my clan (including myself) have stated we wouldn’t bother. The main reason being it’s a league ladder system and as a result most wars are unevenly matched & thus not all that much fun.

    If this appears to be the consensus I do hope Supercell reads this, as it would be a shame to think the majority of people are only opting in for CWL because they want the medals, & it has nothing to do with it being an enjoyable part of the game.
    We do CWL purely for medals, if there were no medals awarded we would not participate.
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    Probably not. That being said, we only partecipate when we can fight no matter what the results are. Infact this season we didn't opt in because 3 of our TH12 coulnd't partecipate so we woulnd't like to be almost certaintly demoted (Master 3).

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    If I was an elite attacker in an elite clan I would opt in for the competition at the top.

    But, no. Since I'm not elite and not any where near the top I wouldn't for a second even consider it. Not the way it is now. With the months of sandbagging it will take more months for that to work itself out. It will only get better though, there will still be some that play the game of intentionally losing one to dominate the next time.

    There is only reason to go for me and that is the medals. We've had seven wars that were impossible for us to win and we didn't win any of them that season. I don't usually put myself in a hopeless situation and there have been many of those in CWL.

    We took our feeder clan once. We did it to get it seeded low. We could go over there and easily win all seven wars and sometimes I wonder if we shouldn't. It's not me though but it might be good for moral of the clan.
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    Tbh I would still do CWL and Clan Games without rewards.
    I like how every hit matters. And I like not having 24h prep days between wars.
    It's not even a big commitment as you could literally just do 1 hit a day through the week.
    And the fact is YOU DO GET REWARDS.
    Cwl shop is pretty unique as well, giving access to some of the best items in the game for $0.

    If you don't enjoy CWL don't do it.

    As far as matches go you can't always judge a clan by its TH.
    We have faced some clans with more th12s that do trashy attacks and leave clan castles empty.
    You will get more trophies doing badly in a high league, than blitzing a low league anyway...
    sooooo no point moaning about the matchups if you are hitting above your grade
    and probably getting more trophies than a clan with similar th's blitzing a league BELOW you.

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    I'd probably use it for another form of farming. Thats how i use it now with lower accounts and lower clans the loot and xp are good. I think CWL Clan games Season challenge rewards are a way to keep new players coming to the game with a path to advance a faster rate to catch maxers. Use thing for what they are. A good idea for the game would be to have a clan page showing different types of stats clans can use as bragging rights and same for individual page kinda like how the the win streak and totals wins drives people its just a simple number on the clan page that lots of clans strive for and brag about.
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