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    Favorite QoL improvement.

    While Nexting on one of my secondary accounts, and making something to eat at the same time, I accidentally missed the Next button and it made me conscious of the fact I'm really greatful for the change that no troops are automatically selected.

    If I had to pick a second the runner-up would easily be the change to the army building system.

    Curious what other forumites would consider to be their favorite QoL change the CoC team has brought to us?

    P. S. Let's try to keep wants and requests out of this thread as that has a whole sub-forum just for those.
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    For sure the new army cooking system is awesome (althought I'd rather you could save the order you want to cook, sorry for the minor "want" here). But also the feature - useless in legend now - that it only breaks your shield if you initiate an attack. Back in the day, if you clicked search it'd already cancel your shield even if you couldn't find a suitable base, making those "Toilet Raids" very frustrating if you couldn't find anything worth it lol

    More recenet one - changing siege machines and GW during raids as long as you've not deployed them

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    That is definitely one of my favorite QoL improvements. I don't know how many times I would have accidentally dropped a troop if one had been selected.

    If I had to choose a close second place, it's the auto reloading of traps and defenses when you log on, or the sleep mode for CC troops.
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    for me SCID was a massive game changer.. i had 6 tablets and a phone in the old days!

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    True! I slept on that one (pun intended). Sleep mode for heroes and CC Troops is awesome!!
    Also, leadership being able to delete CC troops is a nice one for war management

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    definitely the one allowing you to train the last army used in a click of a button. manual troop selection was a nightmare
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    It has to be when they let people opt IN and OUT of war amd let a clan choose who went to war.

    (remember kicking people who didn't want to be in a war, because there was no other way around it, so painful)

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    The 'remove all' button on the base editing feature. Having to try and click and remove all those wall pieces individually used to drive me mad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ropepirate View Post
    The 'remove all' button on the base editing feature. Having to try and click and remove all those wall pieces individually used to drive me mad.
    I raise you ‘move all’ button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superfinch30 View Post
    I raise you ‘move all’ button.
    If you're raising move all, I'll raise you base editor. Anyone remember moving walls one at a time?

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