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Even viewing it as a farming, or manipulating at will, there is still luck involved and will usually be mid tier. I expected to be demoted last CWL but when we matched and I looked over the total rosters, I realized we could win all wars and come first.

I visited a friends clan in the same league and they were facing a clan much bigger than we could do, and I think it might have been Tosti that mentioned they were in Crystal 1 and also facing a larger clan than we had.

The way I view CWL might be different but I would recommend clans to view it as farming for your sanity. Focus on members getting their 8 stars and to use all their attacks, don't sweat the egg attacks.

Our low CWL is probably where it would really differ from other clans because for the most medals you take a very weak roster and fight in a league much higher than you are capable of. In this case you are the whipping boy and probably get demoted, but as long as majority get their 8 stars, still walk away with more than competing at a lower league.
We were sitting M2 and ended up in first place so we are M1 bound next season. Same sea, different boat though. We will see how we fair one step closer to the nose-bleed section.