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Thread: Best Farming Army and League

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    Question Best Farming Army and League

    Im a town hall ten sitting in between gold 1 and crystal 3. I was wondering what the best general farming army would be. I just upgraded, so I am using all town hall 9 level troops. Im also wondering what the best league would be. Thank you.

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    Bump. Still looking for advice if anyone has any!

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    Same for me, am also looking for an active clan to join

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    Invest in miners, then focus on de. You will find a plethora of sleepy bases that offer close to 1mill gold/1mill elix and 5kde. Both Crystal 2 and crystal 1. Until miners are level 3, use something cheap on elixir like mass gob.

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    Join our clan STat Elite

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    I’m practicing a version of bowitch that doesn’t need a wall wrecker. In Champs 2, and have not felt the need to drop. I seem to stay around 3500 trophies with that.
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    Until you unlock miners and upgrade them, you can use lavaloonian, gowipe, or aq walk + about any troop comp there is.
    Miners are great for de farming at th10.
    For war attacks, you'll want to look up youtube vids for witchslap.
    Witchslap, with high level heroes, is nigh unstoppable at th10.

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