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    Is time stille running during the maintaince and we cannot play?

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    There is no offline mode to this game. However whatever you got going on while you was last online is still running and counting down. For example you are making sugar and have 3 or 4 lined up in the sugar machine. You sign off the game then sign back on tomorrow. All of that sugar will have been made and now sitting on the machine table ready for when you need it.
    The animals and fruit trees/bushes will also be timing down whether you are in the game or now. Once anything is complete they can sit there until you ready to take or harvest them for use or storage in barn/silo.

    This functioning is the same as offline during maintenance breaks.

    There may be an exception with hiring Tom feature (if reached that level yet). I think Tom time of hire is paused during maintenance breaks so you do not lose any hired time he has remaining.
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    Rose and Ernest are paused are paused as well.
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    Everything is in a pause

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