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Thread: Legend League Banner in Profile

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    Legend League Banner in Profile

    I just reached legend league on my TH11 with the intent to acquire the banner on my profile.

    - Do I need to maintain legend league until the end of the season to get the banner?
    - Can I still get the banner in the case that I get pushed back into Titans 1 (because i'm obviously going to lose to TH12s) or if i decide to drop back to champs to farm?


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    You will keep your legend badge as long as you stay above 4900.

    you will also have a permanent legend badge showing under your best trophies.

    if you finish a season in legend you will also get another line in your profile with another permanent legend badge and permanent legend trophies

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    I had the same doubt the first time I got to legends. Your profile will be modified once you finish a season in the legend league. All trophies above 5k will become legendary trophies, and you'll get 0 if below 5000 but still in legend league

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