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Thread: Helping a broken down truck

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    fixing broken truck

    Quote Originally Posted by JemimaPD View Post
    In the valley I have driven to the same spot where there is a broken down truck - one of my daily quests is to help a truck - but I can't seem to help it! I have tapped on the cloud signal above the truck, nothing, & on my truck's tab (which is on top of the tab of the other truck) & that shows the names of me and the other player, but there is no means there to help it.

    Is there some kind of knack, am I missing something or is it just not working properly? In which case I've wasted fuel to get there & I won't get this daily quest. Which begs the question, why make helping trucks a daily quest if they won't allow us to actually do that?!?😤
    I /just/ a few minutes ago had the same issue. I tapped to go back to my farm then went back to the Valley and tapped the bubble above my truck and the broke one and the dialog box to fix the truck appeared. I hope this helps others.

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    Broken down truck solution

    I run to a broken truck since it is one of the daily quests. At first I cannot help it. What I did is that close all my apps that are open and open the hay day again. Then, when I came back I was able to help it. Probably some bugs with that one.

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    With about a hour left in Season Two, my truck in my main farm broke down and I decided to use 8 diamonds to repair it because I wanted to use the remaining 20 fuels to get more tokens. Then I realized why the Hay Day developers introduced the broken truck element into the Valley.

    Some of us may recall that a few years ago, Game Designer Camilla discussed the concept of inflation in the game. That's why they must price the decorations to remove "significant amounts of currency from the economy".

    I'm speculating that their internal metrics are showing a surplus of diamonds created by players earning them in game or buying them but not spending them. Maybe the players fixing the broken truck will balance out the surplus in the economy.

    Again, the above are my speculations and I don't expect Supercell employees to confirm or deny them publicly or privately.

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    I don’t know what helped, but here was how I fixed a truck:

    I have 2 accounts on two different ipads. So, one truck broke down and my other game gave me a quest to fix a broken truck.

    I closed the app that had the broken truck and turned on the ipad with my working truck.

    I drove to the broken truck, tapped the “broken” icon, but nothing happened. I tapped it again and the app crashed.

    I tried a few other things, which I can’t remember the order of, but when I had both apps open at the same time, when I tapped the “broken” icon, it allowed me to fix it.

    So, perhaps the person with broken truck has to be online for it to work? I’m not sure. Or, perhaps it was just that I restarted the app after it crashed.

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    Doing a hard restart has generally resulted in the ability to repair a broken down truck in my experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WussyPuss View Post
    Doing a hard restart has generally resulted in the ability to repair a broken down truck in my experience.
    And if for no other reason, this is enough to say eliminate the broken truck

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