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Thread: Th8 best farm strategy?

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    Th8 best farm strategy?

    Question is in the title.

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    Build army
    Find a match
    Next until loot is sufficient
    repeat as necessary
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    Dragons. Because you should only be going for upgrades to your BK and then going to TH9 ASAP and catch up there, while working on your AQ.
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    Yes. Dragons or dragloon. With rages.
    Used that on my mini at th8 and still kept full/near full elixir storages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silencer010 View Post
    Question is in the title.
    Dragloon with 3 rage. Keep next-ing until you find at least 400K G/E or 2K DE. Just go for the loot. Don't worry about trophies or star bonuses. That worked extremely well for me.

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    Drag-loon is the best strategy because there will be one point when there will be a lots of elixer with no place to use,however,if you want to farm both at the same time,it's difficult, I used this to complete:-

    First, Dark elixer
    1.Mass dragon
    2 electric,one earthquake/poison (earthquake if lvl 4 electric spell) and one rage just break one ad with spell and drop rage near other two

    2. Drag-loon
    6 drags,16 loons,3 rage,one poison
    Drop dragons to get attraction of wiz tower and archer tower,drop loons+2rage combo to take at least 2 ad(loons may not last longer, especially in front of cc,but the cc may be slow down and helped by poison) take 3rd ad with even 4 drags + rage combo, drop bk near one corner(it may save time).

    To fill elixer storage,
    1. Mass hogs:-
    34 hogs,30 archers(for cc) all heal spell

    All the strategy are hybrid strat.i.e. will get you both trophies and loot,be there at th8, practice your strategy for th9,at th9 ground attacks are very rare, because air attacks are easy to execute here

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    Goblin knife is effective as well.

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    If your king is maxed and you dont care for dark elixir, use valk rush. Take 1/3 wizards and 2/3 valks with full heal and a poison. Drop wizards to funnel in the valks, and use heals as needed. Easy 3-star but it costs a ton of dark elixir. So if your king is maxed, its great. If not, not so great.

    If you dont need elixir Id go with dragloon with rage. Drop drags to tank for the loons and then loons to destroy the ADs. Rage on the loons not the drags! Easy win.

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    There's no definite answer with what little you've provided.

    What army to take if we're talking about efficiency depends heavily on your trophy league and your playtime.

    If you're in a lower league, say gold and crystal, any kind of GK or Gibarch is probably most efficient. In a higher league like masters you're gonna need a heavier army like dragloon or some such.

    Likewise if you can play for extended periods then GK or Gibarch is most efficient and if you can only play a couple of times every day (or none at all), then a heavier army is probably the better choice.

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