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Thread: I need a clan.

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    I need a clan.

    I am a th9. I'd say im a little more than half maxed. I do war but not alot so ill opt out. I donate when i can. Id like a level 9 or up clan prefered. I am pretty active. I try my best in Clan Games but im not that good. I want the clan to be in crystal 3 in CWL. I am in Crystal 2 right now for trophies.

    My accounts: #YPYY8RR9R

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    Feel free to join our clan! War town, USA is recruiting people you can join in wars at anytime! Just let us know

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    WarMongers is a great place to get some experience. We're a small clan looking to build. We like to war, but nothing is forced. Easy going and friendly. Bring all the friends you want. #29PYRLUPR

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    you can join ours


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