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Thread: Fuel tactics

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    Fuel tactics

    Ok, so what's the best way of managing the fuel situation. Stock up all day and go for a drive about in the evening? Or maybe fuel and go , fuel and go. Do you stock pile things like duck traps, nets etc for the next days fuel requests? Tips and ideas and even game plan on how to manage fuel the best way would be great xx

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    I’ve been wondering the same thing, so thanks for starting the thread.

    One thing I just learned from experience is not to drive anywhere within 2 hours of going to bed (or doing something else that won’t allow you to play for a while). Shortly before going to bed tonight, I headed toward a building—only to have my truck break down. So now I’m stuck, and my carefully chosen building “request” will expire before morning. There are a number of things about the Valley that I find frustrating, but the truck breakdowns are the worst.

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    My work week is busy to start, so I have a nice stockpile of fuel so far. I had the farm helpers and I was working through the whole trial as well.

    i am completing enough for extra spins and I hope to ravage the valley come thursday

    The valley season looks to be a long one. Fortunately, I am in no hurry at the moment
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    I collected fuel from 3 spins.
    Then I started my daily quests.
    1. Collect tokens ... easy
    2. Complete 5 requests .... which I did on my way to visit a fish shop which gave me required tokens.
    3. Visit a fish shop .... which took me away from where the other trucks were.
    4. Help repair a broken down truck .... been waiting nearly 7 hours for someone to breakdown.

    While waiting for someone to breakdown I did a few burnouts and collected 3 chickens from road stops.
    I'm still relatively close to other trucks and am saving the fuel in the hope someone breaks down and I will be able to go repair them.
    If I do more requests to get more tokens I may not have enough fuel to repair a breakdown and thus not fulfill my quests.

    Prepping for tomorrows sun fuel spins - traps, derby tasks and feeding animals.

    There is a lot of strategy to play in the valley ... and combine that with the derby ... a strategy nightmare I shall refer to as chaos!

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    I am accumulating fuel to drive to the end of the Valley, in on go.
    Maybe I will find a pot of Gold
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    I still think it's very lame that you have to spin or you lose any additional suns until you make that acquired spin. No reason suns cannot continue to accumulate. A lot of unnecessary window swapping. Then again, we should be used to that by now with playing the town.

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    I was going to accumulate fuel and play a bit more strategically later on, unfortunately I have the impulse control of a toddler, so I’ve been playing ‘Fuel & Go’ instead!

    i now need 500 for my next Fuel so I think I’m done for today (I did 500 &1000 yesterday & during the Trial, but today I have 4x crate for 10 suns, 1x fish for 2 suns & corn - plant 15 for 1 sun so it’s a bit slow going getting fuel today). I have completed today’s quests though so any further trips would be to repair others trucks, collect more chickens or accumulate more tokens.

    ill see how close I get to 500 later and if I’m near enough I’ll push. If not, I’ll just have a lot of corn! (The fish are getting cooked as soon as they’re caught!)

    have fun everyone!

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    I find it absolutely ridiculous that ur left over petrol is not saved for the next season. U have to do so many things just to earn the smallest amount of petrol and then u delete the balance when the season is over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterKilde View Post
    I am accumulating fuel to drive to the end of the Valley, in on go.
    Maybe I will find a pot of Gold
    Wow! What a concept! This is a goal to keep in mind for frustrating valley moments. If we don't find the pot of gold, maybe we'll find the bridge back to the farm.

    I like the idea of saving up fuel for a number of days and then going on a long road trip...maybe weekly on the Derby day off or if my Derby tasks are finished early. (I wouldn't be opted in now except that without me there wouldn't be enough neighbors opted in to get to the 9th horseshoe.)

    As Samshadyacres says, there is a lot of strategy needed to juggle the Derby and the valley. Undoubtedly a good thing for some. My strategy is how to keep things calm and manageable with occasional moments of adrenaline.

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    I definitely think we also need a valley map. Cant find out where Im going, Using too much gas, and cannot deliver, orders, before I run out of gas.

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