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Thread: TH12(x3) owner looking for active but chill clan...

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    We are a nice group
    Stop in
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    Quote Originally Posted by DkWylo View Post
    Been around for many years. Owner of 3 variously maxed TH12 villages is looking for a relatively full and certainly active clan. I want to be able to have people online and playing. I get tired of being the only person on the server. I'm an adult. USA based. Need an adult focused clan. Some kids are fine, but not looking for that scene.


    I'm willing to chat and listen. Not gonna just jump without getting to know people first. I have Kik, line app, and FB messenger.
    Hi, we are an active adult clan, most of our players are UK/US based. We war, we enter CWL and we max clan games, but we don't tell you what you have to participate in. Our aim is to be social and enjoy the game, so if you haven't found a home already and you fancy checking us out our clan tag is #VGLY8CPR

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    Quote Originally Posted by DkWylo View Post
    Ok all. CWL is over and I'm looking for sometime this week.

    Some of the responses on here are a bit more intense than I think I want. I'm not looking for hyper intense, gotta roll out 3 stars or else type of clan. I'm grown with kids and don't have that in me.

    I want clan games participation, clan that has consistent war participation, the ability to find people on the server at a given time, fun and respectful chat but still able to be adults and not have to worry about Sunday school feelings, a chill group of people that get along.

    Some of you guys are way more intense than I am. That's cool. I play 3 villages because I like being on and always having something to do. I may or may not have a buddy or 2 that would be interested as well.

    If any of this turns you away from me, that's cool too. Everyone can't match everyone. I'm just here to have fun. I don't miss war attacks. I max clan games. I generally donate in the 10k+ range. I wanna win, but will never make that the end all, be all.

    You need to stop by for a visit and get to know the crew. I think you will fit in nicely. We can make room for your friends as well. I hit you up on KIK again as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BAR917 View Post
    You need to stop by for a visit and get to know the crew. I think you will fit in nicely. We can make room for your friends as well. I hit you up on KIK again as well.
    A member of their clan joined our clan a couple hours before war started and then joined their clan.

    If you like fair play avoid this clan. Pretty sad.
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    Sorry to all that have responded. A few things popped up off game and then a few old friends showed up and are hanging out for a few.

    I am still here and yes, I'm still looking to move. I am sorry for the delay. I take this seriously and that's why I move slow.

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    Hi DkWylo,

    We are a level 17 clan made up of mainly British adults. We love clashing and we love wars. We are constantly hitting up each other’s bases in friendly challenges and talking about best ways to beat the enemy. We give out lots of tips and encouragement so that we can improve each other along the way. And, if it goes wrong, we don’t slaughter each other! We also spend just as much time thinking about how to improve our own war bases too, as strong defence is half the battle won. Our clan is all about the team game. We play to win because we love the competition. We have well over 400 wins and years of experience between us. We don’t have conflict, just friendly, focussed clashing with like minded people.

    Every new member brings that something new to the clan and we are looking for additions in our CWL team. We ended up a close second in Masters One last time around and you might be the TH12 that helps push us to The next level. We are nearly there! This is a great chance for a great player to join a clan on the verge of breaking into the champs league.


    ��War/war league focussed��
    ��Top tier clan games achievers��
    ��Great donators��
    ��English speaking only��
    ��Team players��
    ��Friendly challenges, discord, tips��
    ��No petty conflict��


    ��Non rushed TH12��
    ��Level 50+ heroes��
    ��Level 11+ walls��
    ��1000+ war stars��
    ��Ready for war when heroes aren’t upgrading��
    ��Willing to earn promotion in good time��
    ��Decent donator��
    ��Eager to work as a team to win wars��
    ��Able to war within a British time zone (9pm start/finish)��
    ��Believe in fair play��

    Don’t waste time getting insulted in bully clans or getting frustrated in disorganised clans. Join us and push for something better with a great bunch of like minded people.

    Please quote “SUPERCELL FORUM” when you request to join so that we know you’re not a spy, as we war continuously and they live amongst us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DkWylo View Post
    Need an adult focused clan. Some kids are fine, but not looking for that scene.

    Our clan is made up of a tight nit family from Houston Texas, and so many other active players.
    We utilize discord for outside communication because it provides progress stats during the season.

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    We are a donation clan.
    Active, too much active, and chats a lot.
    Donates a lot
    Dm me if u are interested

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    Hey there Wylo,

    How's it going? Kauto Starrr here from the clan TheDangerZone (#PY9C8RQ2). We are an adult clan with members from all over the world with the main members coming from USA, CANADA AND UK.

    We take our wars seriously and our banter even more. Strategic planning with a good Record in war(85%
    Win ratio). Fair play all the way for sure. We are running all 12ís in the war at the moment. You can always message us on discord.

    Senior clan members have been around since the inception of the clan and many members more than a year plus. That shows we are united together and would love for like minded individuals to join us. The more the merrier they say. Do search us and check us out. Hope to
    See you in the clan soon.

    Clash on!


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    DkWylo, let us know what you have found that meets your requirements. I am in the same boat - th12 with a th11 mini. Looking for adults only, not super intense - more relaxed and casual. I want to do clan games and CWL. Its really hard finding anything decent - its either too intense for my liking or dead socially. #LJQQ0P2V

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