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Thread: Active Level 51 Player Looking For a New Neighbourhood

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    Active Level 51 Player Looking For a New Neighbourhood

    Hi! I知 a level 51 player from the UK. I知 searching for a friendly, helpful and chatty neighbourhood. I壇 like to join a place that focusses on derby but is a bit more laid back. I知 very active and love to help and chat to fellow neighbourhood members. I also enjoy participating in the derby. Please let me know if your neighbourhood might want a member like me! Thanks

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    Your welcome to read this link to see if Sandy would be a fit for you. We have a point minimum for the derbys and are a more relaxed neighborhood. We are looking for active friendly farmers who also work their town.;�

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    Private message sent hope to hear from you soon

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    Hello Ckelly,
    welcome to the Pumpkin 🎃 Patch, we are. Growing NH, looking for Farmers that can help us bring our NH into a growing and challenging experience, we are kind, respectful, we play all aspects of hay day, tag 8CLVGGLC, drive your tractor over and visit for a special experience

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    Thank you

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