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Thread: Blue Flames on Spells that are Maxed for Your Town Hall

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    Blue Flames on Spells that are Maxed for Your Town Hall

    So do y'all know about those blue flames that appear when you use the power potion to max out your troops?? I was wondering if the developers could add blue flames to the level number any spell or troop that can no longer be upgraded for your current town hall or laboratory. I mean, once the troop or spell is actually maxed out for the game, then it has the normal flames. This is not exactly necessary for the game, I just think it would be really cool.
    When you think about it, it has a good use. For example, if someone requests to join your clan and you do not know if their troops are rushed or not. I am a town hall 9, and when someone that is a higher town hall than I am, I often don't know if the person has rushed troops or not, and adding the blue flames would help a little bit. btw if you are a developer reading this and if you add this plzz add it in both villages.
    I dunno, like if you agree, reply to share your thoughts.

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    See for a prior discussion regarding.

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