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    Valley Tasks

    Completed 2 of the 4 tasks, went back to farm and the tasks all reset. I thought tasks lasted for a day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellvera View Post
    Completed 2 of the 4 tasks, went back to farm and the tasks all reset. I thought tasks lasted for a day?
    Nick explains here that a maintenance was needed to correct this issue:

    Since the maintenance my tasks have not reset. Fingers crossed that everyone experiences the same!

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    No clue how many times my quest log has changed today as I purposely did not visit the Valley till late this afternoon. When I came in, I had about 1-1/2 hours till the change. Don't get that as it's called "DAILY" quests which implies 24 hours as that's how many hours are in a day and the original description list of the release said they'd change once a day.

    I did 3 of the tasks (4th was to fix a truck of which there were none, so...), set a timer for the 1 hour till next reset. Timer went off, reset said something like 12 hours, did one task and came here to post about the disappearing chicken on the Tool Box reward line in the Valley Shop, look down at my phone while typing a previous post and see that my quests are due to reset in 16 minutes! WTHay? Since when does nearly 12 hours expire in 16 minutes? It had JUST changed less than 20 minutes before!

    So they Daily Quests are NOT fixes since the maintenance. They are resetting at random times ranging from a few minutes to a few hours.

    PS: Speaking of the disappearing chicken on the Daily Quest tool box line, WHY did it disappear? It stayed the entire time during the trial period and no where is there any notice that it must be reached during the first set of Quests or out of luck. Is this a bug?

    PS: 4 min 37 sec remain on the new set of Daily Quests that only changed 20 min ago.

    UPDATE: Daily Quests just reset. Timer says 23h 58min. We'll see.

    Ugg: Fuel Spin tasks also reset. So today's tasks are gone and the tasks scheduled for tomorrow are active now. Feel like I'm in a SiFi time dilation trap where time is faster than the universe outside the time dilation bubble.
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    It's a bit late to reply, Cricks, but the instructions inside the daily quest box say the daily quest chicken only stays for that day. (Day being a relative term, obviously).
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