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Thread: Clanleader 90 days away

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hua1975 View Post
    Yes, the Supercell message specified me as the leader rotation. There's only 3 Co leaders in my clan, of which I'm the second longest to be in it. I'm 40 levels higher than the newly auto appointed leader, and have over 1K more trophies. Almost all of his storages are completely empty (TH, CC, and DE have some) and all collectors completely full, and no visible sign of activity. It may just be a glitch in the processing. After now closely inspecting his home village however, I'm now thinking he opened the CoC app in the last week and closed it out right away, because the x-bows show having ammo which would indicate a recent login auto reload.

    In the end it doesn't really matter, just trying to understand what transpired.
    As stated by Curtiola: 'rank' isn't about the level one has, or the number of trophies, it refers to rank in the clan. And yes, with the x-bows being full, the reason must be that they logged on recently ...

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    Works Well !
    and the old leader gets demoted to member for anyone wondering.
    Ty supercell for this.

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    S, no joining a clan and swooping on it after 90 days it sounds like eh? Gotta be co-leader?

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