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Thread: Does the loot reduction from upgrading your town hall affect dark elixir loot?

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    Does the loot reduction from upgrading your town hall affect dark elixir loot?

    I am maxed out in both gold and elixir (TH10) for a while, and feels like whenever I raid for dark elixir, the gold and elixir I get are getting wasted, which does not feel good at all. I feel like I want to upgrade my town hall, because I have been on full gold and elixir storages for almost a month, but I am also concerned that it would be harder to get dark elixir. (I just need 11 hero upgrades to max). So, does the loot reduction affect dark elixir loot? And if it does, how much harder is it compared to a th10?

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    Scroll down to where it talks about loot when raiding. You will see how much de you'll get from the storage, cc, and th at th11.
    Yes, the loot reduction affects de.
    Honestly, I'd just bite the bullet and upgrade to th11. You'll probably find more de rather than less.

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    It's a 10% loot penalty for hitting a th lower than yours.

    You get the same offers now from a th11 as you will as a th11. You will just see 11s more frequently. As for "harder" all depends on your farm strategies and upgrade priorities. Though if you're already farming against 11s, you wont notice much difference.,

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    Instead of wasting resources and lab (i'm assuming that's done too but its not mentioned) time upgrade to 11 and forget all this "loot reduction" concern. Raid with better troops and getting DE won't be an issue.

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