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    Sorry for late response
    like this?>>>

    Version 1 - Simple

    Version 2 - 3D text

    Version 3 - 3D effect + Some effects

    Version 4 - 3D effect + Some effects [with no border]

    Note : not adding my signature as it took no or very less effort in making sig

    Quote Originally Posted by LemonCream099 View Post
    Hi TerMinus. Can u pls make me a Sig that looks like my profile picture? Pls click on my profile to see it to see the original one (sometimes it inverts the colours��).

    I'd like for the words to be next to each other and no fancy art or font to be used (I'm a simple fella). So it will be just a black background and the words "Lemon Cream" in white, not too small and not too big.

    Thank you.
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    Thank you very much Terminus
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    Hello, i am looking for an avatar, can you make one?
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