I've been saying it ever since BH9 released - any attack strategy can be used to pull out 3 star wins. Minion Drops, PHog, Big Bart, Bart, Bombarian Carts, Mitch, Drog, MSP, MBD, MBM, MHG, PEKKA Barbs, PEKKA Carts, Drop Mitch...the list goes on! We’re still in that magical, honeymoon phase where most players have not yet really gotten their defense upgraded but nearly everyone has at least one L18 strat ready. It's been 3-star mania and although things are starting to settle down just a little bit, I'll wager we have another week before things start to really tighten up. All bets are off come the end of CWL though; LOTS of folks are just waiting to get those medals so we can Hammer out a few more upgrades!

I’ve put out one video already that showed a bunch of early ground attacks, and this time I thought it would be fun to showcase an even wider array of attack strategies. I hunted through the replays I’ve gathered in the last couple of days for any that were particular fast and furious - 60-90 seconds - so I could squeeze more into a single video. I have EIGHT (8) and they’re all in the 4500-5500 trophy range. This goes live on my YT channel tomorrow, but I wanted to share it with the forum a little early.

Hope y’all enjoy it!