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    I am slow...with my updates, sorry.

    Valley - Basic rules

    Valley - Some basic rules

    This post is not a complete guide about Valley (at least not yet), I simply try to gather information from HelpShift, official video and my experience to explain what and how the valley could be without the bug. Hope this could help you to understand the basic rules of Valley and work out your own strategy to get the most fun out of it. For those who haven't been able to play Valley, this will help you be ready for the next Season.

    Official info
    Release note with official videos (turn on caption for your language): tap link
    Support FAQ (choose language) tap link
    In-game Valley help (EN) (when you tap on the "?" button): copied here

    --- Change log ---
    07/07/2019: Post updated with some screenshots from Season 1.
    14/07/2019: Add some clarification (roadside chicken, daily quest), Valley map, some more tips
    15/08/2019: Add illustration for roadside chicken and for Season end
    27/08/2019: Add full valley map. Thanks Glottis!
    10/11/2019: Updated with tweaks that came in Season 4.

    ----------- List of Content -----------
    #0 Map of the Valley (Season 1)
    #1 Valley shop
    #2 Fuel
    #3 What can you do in the Valley?
    #4 HOW TO: Group request
    #5 HOW TO: Repair a broken truck
    #6 HOW TO: Delivery request
    #7 Daily Quest
    #8 End of Season

    A few things about your Valley
    - each players who joins the Valley (tap on Valley board the first time when season starts) will stay in that same Valley during the whole season. Changing hood won't bring you to another Valley.
    - players in the same hood as you has a green tag, all other players has a yellow tag
    - if there are more then multiple truck on the same spot, there is a "+" next to the tags. Tap on it to see full list of trucks and can either send a freind request or invite to your hood.

    #0 Map of the Valley (Season 4)
    Follow the links in this thread.
    We had the same map for Trial, Season 1 & Season 2 and Season 3.
    For Season 4 (October 2019), a new watery map is available by sunnyphoenix (THANK YOU!)
    Link DROPBOX:

    #1 Valley shop
    - tokens are reset at the start of each season
    - open to everyone
    - items are listed and unlocked as time passes during Valley season (every 3 days)
    - each offer can only be purchased once, but same item can be listed more than once
    - offer includes: expansion material, upgrade material, puzzle piece (if Santuary unlocked), expansion permit, booster, decoration
    - you can spend token in the Regular shop during Valley season and after season ends
    - tap on booster icon for info, double tap on price to buy. Booster you buy from valley shop is a "purchased booster" with a diamond icon on it and doesn't take up free booster storage
    - Season 4 tweaks: price ordered by token amount (quite difficult to read), amount of item offered changed for some.

    - Wallet limit is 6000 tokens, once you reach this limit you cannot earn more token. Spend them in the shop to earn more.

    Full size image

    - items are only unlocked, once season ends, if and only if your Valley collected enough chicken (currently 100 each season)
    - by design, the wallet limit and item price induce that you can only buy one of them
    - offer: 40 diamonds OR a Valley theme exclusive decoration (Valley Car | valley Train | Valley Boat | Valley Plane) OR a pack of tree 5-star boosters (tap on booster to see info)

    --> When season starts, visit the shop to spot what you want. That would be your goal for the whole season.

    Full size image

    #2 Fuel
    - fuel is reset at the start of each season
    - free spin and sun task reset at 08:00 AM UTC since Season 4
    - one free spin a day to get fuel
    - get additional spin by filling the sun bar, sun points required goes up (20 / 50 / 100 / 200 / 550 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000....)
    - sun points are earned by doing sun task (any of 3 sun tasks of the day), as many times as you want
    - max fuel you can store is 99, once you have 99 fuel, you cannot spin again --> spend fuel so you can spin. DO NOT spin if you have more than 90 fuel, the fuel that goes over 99 will be lost if you do.
    - fuel earned can be used in the whole season, unused fuel will be lost once season is over
    - list of sun tasks: see this post here

    IMPORTANT: Tweaks from Season 4
    - reset time for sun task and for fuel spin is now 08:00 AM UTC (same as Derby start time)
    - possibility to re-roll the fuel wheel for diamonds (once / day)
    - sun bar shows up when you do tasks on farm
    - same as checkign a farm stats, you can check your sun progress and sun task from the xp icon on your farm or from any farm's avatar (only if the farmer has joined the Valley)
    - sun point will no longer be lost when you exceed the amount needed for a spin. It will count for the next spin.
    - spin can be stored (you don't have to spin as soon as you earn it). However, spin at least once a day to get the free spin the next day.
    - with accumulated spin, the numbers you should aimed for are added together:
    --- if sunbar shows on x/20 : spin earned when x = 20 / 70 / 170 / 370 / 920 / 1920
    --- if sunbar shows on x/50 : spin earned when x = 50 / 150 / 350 / 900 / 1900
    --- if sunbar shows on x/100 : spin earned when x = 100 / 300 / 850 / 1850
    --- if sunbar shows on x/200 : spin earned when x = 200 / 750 / 1750
    --- if sunbar shows on x/550 : spin earned when x = 550 / 1550

    Full size image

    #3 What can you do in the Valley?
    - complete various request to earn token (choose your request wisely): (a) order request (with products from your silo or barn) ; (b) group request (requires 3 players to fulfill, first come first filled) and get a chicken as reward for the Valley; (c) delivery request (deliver crates to another building, zoom in to follow the yellow dots before accepting request). You can spend token in the Regular Shop or Exclusive Shop.
    - drive truck towards the cloud to uncover other buildings and new request
    - collect chicken on a road stop
    - experience a truck breakdown (and you can help them - see below)
    - find surprises on the road (voucher, cream, syrup, mining tools, diamonds...)

    Full size image

    IMPORTANT: Tweaks from Season 4
    - truck will stop at the broken truck and road chicken on its way. Autocollect after 3 seconds. Tap outside of the pop up within 3 seconds to ignore this action (in case you want to leave the truck broken or chicken on the road for someone else). If cancelled, tap on the icon to get the pop up and confirm your action "Collect" / "Repair".
    - request offer much more token than previously (in general from 25 to 44 tokens/request, most of them are around 30 tokens)
    - less empty nodes between houses (thery are at 2 nodes max) --> rough average of ~14 tokens per fuel

    Known bug:
    - Out of sync symptom: truck cannot be fixed (tapping on the broken truck icon doesn't show tmer), road chicken cannot be collected (tapping on the chicken doesn't show timer). Temporary solution: restart the game (either by changing in-game language or by force close then reopen the app.

    #4 HOW TO: Group request
    - group request has icon of "screaming chicken" above the building. It requires generally 3 players and always offer high amount of tokens. All players in the Valley see the same group order request ; each player can only complete each group request once (and get tokens individually) till all the slot are filled. Once all slot are filled, one chicken is awarded to the Valley.

    Known bug:
    - previous known bugs related to group order request seems to be fixed with Season 4.

    Full size image

    #5 HOW TO: Repair a broken truck
    - truck can break down when moving, wait 2 hours (or spend some diamonds), or get help from nearby driver to continue moving
    - to help: spot the sign and drive to the exact same spot of the truck, truck should get help automatically after 3 seconds (see tweaks below)
    - repairing a broken truck will get you some random tokens
    - when you are not in the valley, there is no notification when someone repairs your truck --> keep checking back
    - if you come closer to the truck (within 5 nodes), you can tap on the sign and should see how long till self-repair --> you might not want to use fuel if truck repairs in a few minutes

    IMPORTANT: Tweaks from Season 4
    - truck will stop at the broken truck and road chicken on its way. Autocollect after 3 seconds. Tap outside of the pop up within 3 seconds to ignore this action (in case you want to leave the truck broken or chicken on the road for someone else). If cancelled, tap on the icon to get the pop up and confirm your action "Collect" / "Repair".
    - broken truck probability seems to be much lower now (truck breaks less frequently)

    Known bug
    - previous known bugs related to group order request seems to be fixed with Season 4.

    Full size image

    #6 HOW TO: Delivery request
    - before accepting the request, check out the destination for fuel costs (follow the dots, usually 2 to 5 fuel)
    - drive to the destination building and deliver
    - you need to finish a previous delivery order before taking another delivery order
    - you can stop on your way to complete order request or group request

    - if you don't have enough fuel for the whole delivery trip, consider another request to save fuel. Zoom in if the pop up covers the dots. If you cannot see where it goes, don't accept yet, come a node closer at a time and check again. It's risky to accept request when you don't have enough fuel to complete the delivery in time. Be mindful of the eventual breakdown (2 hours waiting).

    Full size image

    #7 Daily Quest
    - Daily Quest resets at 08:00 AM UTC (same time as Derby start)
    - each quest completed let you move one step further on the path (dot turns blue)
    - when you reach the dot underneath a chest, you unlock it. Chest can be claimed till the end of season (tap to claim). Unclaim chests once season is over are lost.
    - if there is a chicken sitting on a dot, reach the underneath dot, tap to claim. Chicken stays till Daily Quest resets.
    - type of quest: visit a specific building (look exactly like the one in the quest), collect 15/30/45 token of a certain colour, drive to 7/10/15 nodes, use the fuel spin 2/3 times, complete (take part in) a group request, complete a delivery request, complete 2/3/4 order request, complete 3/4/5 any type of request, help repair another farmer's broken truck.

    - if you earn booster from a chest here, it goes straight into the booster storage without swapping as a free booster (no diamond icon)
    - Quest "Collect 1 chicken": be the last one to fulfill a group request / collect a road side chicken
    - Quest "Visit a specific building": refer to #0 Map of the Valley to locate the building near you that looks like in the Quest (fish shop, veggie shop, windmill, cinema, diner, house with black roof)
    - Quest "Complete a delivery request": if there is no delivery request near by, move slowly (node by node) to uncover new buildings and check their request (or wait for new request) till you find a delivery request you can do. You can see request from buildings within 5 nodes from your current position

    IMPORTANT: Tweaks from Season 4
    - Daily Quest reset time changes from 00:00 UTC to 08:00 AM UTC (same time as Derby start)
    - Season 4 has 80 dots for 21 days. You can miss 4 quests in the whole season and still get the last HUGE chest.
    - Quest "Repair another farmer's broken truck" seems to be way less frequent
    - Chicken on Daily Quest seems to be very scarce

    Full size image

    #8 End of Season
    - once the Season is over, you can access the shops to spend token until you cannot afford anymore
    - token needs to be discarded before you can enter the next Season
    - unclaimed chest from Daily Quest are lost
    - unused spins and fuel are lost

    Full size image

    That's it for now. Your comments are welcome to help complete the info.

    * This post is very long, please don't quote the whole post. Edit to keep only the relevant part if needed. *
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    Great, well out together

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    Quote Originally Posted by meonhoc View Post

    #3 What happens in the Valley?
    - drive truck towards the cloud to uncover other buildings...

    First of all, thank you meonhoc for writing the guide.

    After the conclusion of Season Two, I hope we will have the answer to the following question: When our trucks explore a clouded area and uncover portions of the map in Season One, will the clouds return in Season Two and cover up the explored portions?

    June 28, 2019
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    Hey Meo! Thank you for your time and effort in posting this information (I've been out of town for the past couple weeks and haven't had time to read up on the operation of the Valley as of yet). Once I get acquainted, I'm sure I'll have some questions. Thanks again!

    Thank You TerMinus for the awesome sig!

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    Thanks for the guide, great work. Will be sharing with my hood.
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    I am slow...with my updates, sorry.
    Thank you for your comments so far.
    * reserve post for FAQ later *

    To find out:
    1/ Cloudy weather comes back the next season or when you drive away

    2/ Changes to Valley if NH hopping
    ---> Apparently player stays in the same Valley they first join.

    3/ Max fuel one can store:
    ---> Anwser : 99 (link)

    4/ Truck visiblity (aka cloud radius)
    ---> Request from building is visible at 5 nodes max.

    5/ Timer related to generating request in various cases
    ---> Group order request lasts 6h. Other request usually If completed, next request in 4h. If expired, next request in 30m.

    7/ How often for chicken / surprises on the road / truck breakdown
    ---> Preliminary observatons : 2h - 3h for a roadside chicken to appear, near a recently moved truck.

    8/ Cloud covering part of the map
    ---> Part of the map where order has been requested seems to stay clear from the cloud even when the truck has driven away.
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    Thanks for preparing this Meo, very helpful.

    Farm Level 193. Town 59.😊
    Please PM for farm ID.

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    I'd quite like to know what happens if you move to a different NH during a Valley season.

    I presume that you would leave the Valley you are in with your current NH & move to a new Valley that your new NH is part of - BUT it would be nice to get a definitive answer on this & how it would affect things like group tasks that you may have already taken part in.

    How to find out? I'm guessing it would require the knowledge of a SC staff member, to answer.

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    I am slow...with my updates, sorry.
    Optional update is now available (my Play Store at least).

    And AppStore as well. Look for version 1_43_150.
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