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Thread: BH9 is a joke

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    BH9 is a joke

    Zero fun. Every single attack is air and i see the same few bases over and over. Loot is garbage.

    So whats the appeal? If your a SC homer no need to comment. I want real people that see there's a real problem here.

    I was a maxed out BH8 before upgrading. Ive done like 2 upgrades to my lava launcher and 1 troop ug. Wow thats super fun. Do we all remember why SC sais they made BH? Its really just a money grab. Dont let them fool you please.

    I like BH but just have gotten so frustrated after this update. another thing SC messes up everytime, updates. Usally a troop is too strong, too weak etc. Dont they have people that test this stuff before they release it?

    When was the last time you 3 starred at BH9? Not a BH9 vs 8 but 9v9? ive never 3 starred a bh 9 or have i even been close to being starred.

    Rant over from a frustrated player
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    Been 3 starred several times at BH9 and have 3 stared several BH9, only with air, ground dies very quickly, usually before I get 2 stars, that’s even with max troops and L30 Hero. Ground troops need some love in BH!

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    lol at this, I was getting trashed by ground armies all these days at BH8 so I'm enjoying the meta shift since I've always been an air person.

    And no, I haven't spent a penny on the game, neither BH nor the HV.

    Not sure what troop you're talking about but not all troops HAVE to be viable independently, which is why hybrid strats exist. On the same note, I don't really see any troop that's for sure too strong at the moment either, considering not everyone has maxed out defenses so whatever you think is OP is likely to change with time.

    With regards to 3 starring a BH9, happens all the time with me, both with air and ground, both with receiving and achieving. Pretty sure Noc has put out videos of BH9 triples. Sounds more like a lack of skill issue on your end than a problem with the game if I'm being honest.. and well not having maxed troops too.

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    Sorry. Guess I'm not real. Max minions and drops. Haven't worried about lava yet. Only level 2. Meta is air for now. Will shift too and fro. Defenses are going anti air instead of anti ground. When people get pekkas and cart maxed soon, will be interesting. In many moons, flying pigs will shift again as more casual player can use them.
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    Hmmm.... Well, I am only running 3 games at BH9 right now, and I did spend a little on two of them. Most of what I did was with Books, Runes, and Hammers though. If you prioritized the HV for all your CWL medals and magic items, then you’re probably a bit behind. My games are doing well, though, even without troop upgrades, and that includes plenty of 3-star wins against other BH9 players.

    Maybe it’s you and not SuperCell...?
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    I 3 star other BH9s once in a while, they 3 star me as well.. Once I had a 100% draw.

    I had maybe my first unboosted 3 star attack an hour ago, but my Minions are maxed now so that may have helped.

    Medals, books and runes have been poured into the Builder Base and I'm on a Gold Pass this month, so I do have OTTO, 3 main defenses at level 9, several mines/mega mines/push traps at level 9 .. In short, I'm not affraid of spending magical items on the Builder Base, which may make my experience slightly different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daveyb23 View Post
    When was the last time you 3 starred at BH9? Not a BH9 vs 8 but 9v9? ive never 3 starred a bh 9 or have i even been close to being starred.
    Several times. With BH8-troops, since I'm upgrading my lab just now.

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    Iím with you, OP. But the locals donít like to hear negative views about the BB despite the flaws. Iím playing it, begrudgingly, because Iím a completionist. And I agree air is the way to go. I do nothing beyond my daily loot attacks, and somehow I am close to the top 400 players in the U.S. That tells you one of three things. Either (1) the builder base isnít as popular as many here would lead you to believe; (2) people arenít good attackers; or (3) Iím more awesome than I think I am.

    Iím not ruling out #3, but Iím thinking itís some combination of 1 and 2.

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    if you hav seen my past posts, you know i dont hesitate to give negative feedback. recent one i can remember is hammer cooldown.
    im an f2p & i enjoy BB but i can understand why some people hate it, especially the PvP concept. SC need to add a social aspect to it(not clan wars but something different where you can team up which would raise the fun very much) currently its a bit stale even with otto.

    air is the meta but it will shift once bases get well upgraded. pekkas are already destroying bases. today morning i got 86% with dropminion(on a max MT/roaster BH9 base)& the guy just got 90% on me with 120 so you can successfully score high % or even triples with barbs/bart although those are not consistent but mass pekkas with 1 camp of barbs is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Himewad View Post
    I’m with you, OP. But the locals don’t like to hear negative views about the BB despite the flaws.
    If only it were negative views based on real things and not just random rants.
    I'm not a BB-lover, I only do my loot-attacks and are medicore at attacking I guess? Hovering at 3.9k with a BH9 with mostly BH6-7 def and lvl 16-troops, so nothing major.

    But I see many, many rants about the BB that just are by design (loot, ladder), or about the AI (and even your 'locals' agree that could need some love).
    Or just plain rants about how stupid it is and not part of the game.

    Come with somethins reasonable (not like the OP, just another rant) and ppl will discuss and listen.

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