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    [LEGEND LEAGUE] Ideas for Tracking Progress

    Here are some of the ideas members have suggested for tracking progress in the newly reworked Legend League.

    1. Show a recap of the prior Legend Day (attacks/defends, trophies gained/lost). See here
    2. Show a recap of the current Legend Day (attacks/defends, trophies gained/lost). See here
    3. Separate attack/defense logs by Legend Day. See here

    For more information about how Operations Blue Skies has reworked the Legend League, please visit the Operation Blue Skies Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQ) and check out this snazzy video.

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    [LEGEND] Tracking Daily Performance/Remaining Atk & Def


    what I really miss is an info screen how I have performed at the last day and the current day.

    So what I would like to see is an info screen that listed the gained trophies and lost trophies, my attack/deff count of the last day and the active day.

    at the moment I either need to write down my starting trophies count in the morning and/or search in the offense and defense log the 8:attacks for that day and count it together.

    I know nothing world changing but a small QoL change that I would like to see sometimes

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    I agree, a previous day summary would be good.

    Obviously then we will ask for a week summary and a season summary. With graphs and bells and whistles.

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    Tally - Legend League Day

    Hi Supercell,

    I request a small feature regarding the new Legend Leagues.

    Can we please have a +/- on our attack screen to keep track of how we're doing without adding up the defence & attack trophies gained/lost

    Ie: I start the day on 5500, so the game remembers what I started on & gives me a quick tally of how many trophies I'm up or down & how many attacks/defences have happened.

    Simple idea I know, but would be helpful to players like me who like to keep track.

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    Lightbulb New legend system: include attack/defense balance after each legend day?

    For legend... Is is possible to give/include in the future an overview of the attack/defense balance after each legend day... That would be tremendously informative....

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    I think it would be cool to have a quick showing of the previous and current day. Trophies gain and lost for each hit.

    Clan overview page would be good too. Showing how many attacks it defends each legend player has left for current day. The plus or minus where there are in the day.

    Really feel like this info would help drive intraclan competition. Not just global competition.

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    I agree. I signed up for the first time just to comment on this exact issue.

    Im not asking for much. A previous day summary would be great, and maybe a different shade of color on the defense log to denote which defenses occurred in that particular league day.

    I know it should be easy to determine, but I had one that was close to the end/beginning of the league day, and the only way to tell, is the fact that my defensive troops changed.

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    Totally in agreement for this idea.

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    I'd even take a step further and expand our current day stats as well.

    Currently you can see how many attacks you have remaining, but not how many defenses you've taken. Just like in the OP's case the only way I can see this is by going to my defense log and counting manually, assuming I can remember where the league day switch occurred.

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    Yea, agree. I mean I can always look and do math but a tab would be easier.

    Beat me to posting it

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