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    I would also love a quick table showing how we did on offense vs defense - maybe just last day, and current day. Looking at the battle log alone, it's tricky to determine when one day ends and another starts.

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    Improvement idea!

    Could you make it so when we open the attack in legends league system and we click attack/defence we can see our 8 attacks and defences in a list, be nice to see all 8 attacks and all 8 defences in some sort of table with a overall score on trophies 🏆

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    3 days and i really need this QoL, now i'm using a calculator

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    Yes, a summary would be nice

    included could be
    the cups won,
    the cups lost,
    the overall result e.g. +28 cups for day ##
    including cup count at start and end of the day
    an average of cups won per attack and
    an average of cups lost on defence
    and thumbnails of
    the CC troops of that day
    and the layout used on that day.

    Why those? Because it will help distinguish which base performs better on defence, and (if you remember your attack combo) which attack style works better for you and fetches the higher results.

    In addition, the defence and attack logs could have a colour coding or other visiual effect that will tell at a glance where the previous day ended and the current day started.


    I‘d like to see during the day not only how many attacks I have left, but also how many defences I still have to take.
    Atm I have to go to the defence log, try and remember which one the last one from the previous day was, and then work up from there.

    Have Fun

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    Good ideas...main thing I would like to see is potential number of defenses left for the day.

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    Yes. I want this. Came to the forums to specifically ask for this.

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    attacks and defences summary for legend league

    Just a small thing but it would be nice if the attack page for legend league showed attacks received as well as remaining.

    at the moment it simply shows ‘matches left x of 8’ what I think would be great would be for it to show attacks taken, x of 8, total cups won x, attacks received x of 8, total cups lost x.

    that would make it easy to quickly tell if you day had gone well or badly, and how many more attacks were still to come.

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    I vote for this small change, actually I wrote the exact same request at the same time

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    This is a great idea. I keep losing track of how many defences I have taken lol.

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    Need statistic after a day in legend league

    Just an idea about some statistics after a day in legend league, because after I finish my 8 attack and receive my 8 defence (sometime I'm not even sure how many defence I had...), I always try to find out trophy gain or loss for the day.
    Is it possible after we finished the day league to have a summary of our 8 attack and 8 defence?
    suck like:
    Today you have attaked xxx time on 8 possible attacks, with a trophy total gain of xxx Trophy
    You have been attacked xxx times on 8 possible attacks, and loss xx trophy.

    Thank you!

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