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    I'm starting this topic becouse i believe that this is a problem that doesn't get talked about enouth. I hate the 24h cooldown timer you get after making or editing a base. I want to be able to craft a base and directly have my clan try the base and help crafting the best bases. Having a 24h timer stops the creativity that this game desperatly lives of. Basebuilding is as important as attacking and this timer really slows down the progress, and quite frankly, deletes your hunger for making as good bases as possible for wars ect. I understand why we have a timer, it's so that we can not copy enermybases in cw and practice them (witch is good).But I believe that there has to be a better way to do this. The one thing i thought of was to reset the timer after every war, but im sure there are better solutions. I would love to hear other solutions to this problem and hopefully one day see that it gets resolved in the game.

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    I myself feel that it is often and repetitively discussed. And no, no viable solutions have ever been proposed that I myself am aware of. Your "solution" of having the timer only during war has been suggested, and shot down, before. I take a snapshot of your base then I (and the player who will be executing the attack) simply hop to another clan to practice. Or, we have alt accounts already in another clan.

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    Perfecting a Basedesing before attacking in cw is allready verry common in the game. Thanks to a verry specific meta, it isnt Hard to find a resembling Base from your 49 clanmates. Therefore, I still believe the cooldowntimer does more damage than it does solving "a problem". Personally, it is The reason started copying others bases. When you have to wait 24 houers to test the Base with the clan (even for the smallest changes), the building proses gets really stretched out over a long period of time and it doesnt feel worth it.

    I dont find that training on a simular Base is a problem. You still have to finds traps and defeat the cc.
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