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Thread: Art of base-building

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    Art of base-building

    Hello everyone,
    So, I'm done with wars & will be doing in future too, as there's no end to it, to the new attack metas, strategies,upvoming troops, building & defences levels witht he introduction of new TH. levels. So the meta keeps changing.
    But, one thing that will live lifelong is the 'Art of Base-Building'. I've literally done many war attacks & tried out several strategies, but the things which I copied & pasted till current date are the base layouts. I never took a minute to think upon base-building, I did'nt even knew what's that empty boxes in TH.12 war bases do except for forcing us to bring a Jump spell, which I recently discovered that they beside forcing to bring jump manipulate the pathing & are known as 'Negative Spaces'.
    So, now I want to learn all these stuffs regarding Base-Building. I shall thankful if some shares some stuff on forum or some youTube channel pertaining to this.

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    I have done some modifications to the base
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