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Thread: Builder hall idea

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    Builder hall idea

    I wish we had 5 attacks per day versus 3 in the builder hall thoughts?

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    I wish there should be no cap for loot attacks, so that we can progress faster in BB.

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    I don't see them changing it anytime soon - it would be nice for loot but might annoy players who have pushed to max bh8 through 3 hits. You can technically do 6 hits every 2 days if you leave a gap... I think players are meant to push higher for more loot rather than get more hits - more hits would mean higher players start to get huge amounts more of loot and Max out faster - trapping Lower players
    At lower levels with low loot. :/

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    It's pretty well balanced now between time of upgrades and the amount of loot you can get. Assuming you are at an appropriate troohy level for your base level.
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    I agree with the responses; it is balanced right now and everything is how it should be. No need for this change.

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